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Roof Repair in Belwood

Mobility, we all crave it, whether it is upward mobility for a better socio-economic position or mobility in our careers to just plain moving around we all need the freedom to move. It is a mainstay in humans that we are seekers and will travel to get what we want. Ask the people who traveled across the US to settle in sparsely populated areas traveling the Oregon Trail. Or, the people who left war-torn Europe for a better life in Canada, they threw caution to the wind to make a journey that they knew not what would be the result. We are like nomads to a certain extent, chasing economic opportunities to build a better foundation, like many who migrated to Alberta to work in the oil industry; they were chasing the Canadian dream. For those who are chasing the dream, physical mobility has never been a consideration, but what if you couldn’t walk or had trouble walking any distances and had to rely on mechanically assistance for mobility. We see many people in our society who depend on scooters or e-bikes for transportation because they can’t make the trip on their own. Our governments are passing laws to make all buildings accessible for those who need help as a way to include everyone who wants to be included and help share the Canadian dream. When the people who depend on devices for transportation have mechanical problems with those devices, the user is left in a no-man’s land of isolation. Hence the need for a repair of the device that they depend on for mobility and it takes on an added importance to prevent the isolation that prevents them from making a positive contribution to society. The repair of the scooter or e-bike is more than important it is the very essence of the being of some individuals – integrating with society.

Our homes bear the same importance as the repair of a scooter or e-bike – the need for shelter and the ability to provide is what predicates our being as parents. When a roof repair in Belwood is the necessity to provide for our family, we move Heaven and Earth to keep our loved from exposure to less than ideal conditions and who really wants to live in a house that has water leaking in every time it rains? No, we don’t want to live like that and the roof repair in Belwood takes on an added significance that cuts to the heart of home and family. Many reasons can be found for a roof repair in Belwood, old roofing materials, a heavy weather event or wear and tear that has accumulated over time. When we see these problems, we need to hire a contractor for a roof repair in Belwood that will be effective and protective as we have a lot riding on the investment we made in our home.

AM Roofing Solutions is the contractor you need to contact for a roof repair in Belwood for a number of reasons apart from the fact that you need a roof repair in Belwood. As a going concern in the roofing industry, our company has been plying our trade since the 1950’s – that’s right, before colour TV and the Internet – and over the course of time our work has been a great Canadian success story. Using only the best roofing technicians in the field we have established a professional reputation based on quality workmanship that will hold up when the going gets rough. Over the decades we have been working in the roofing business, our family has taken an active role in the business. For three generations and counting, the family has been part of everything we do and their contribution is what keeps our business humming along. Once your roof repair in Belwood is complete, we have a warranty for labour that spans 10-years and our warranty forced our competitors to adopt similar warranties. So you could we are a game-changer in our industry.

Roof repair in Belwood, know what to look for and why     

  • Problems will always occur, and when you discover them on the roof, a quick call to a contractor will need to be made for a roof repair in Belwood. One of the first problems you can see on a roof is the condition of the shingles. They can wear quickly and the damage to the shingles will be self-evident, corners that have disappeared, shingles that have sustained damage and that are now cracked or curled are some of the more obvious problems that will require attention. Water might be the giver of life, but water will kill a roofing system if it isn’t kept at bay and the consequences could be thousands of dollars in costs if water were to enter the roofing system.
  • You don’t need to be a structural engineer to identify problems with the valleys on your roof; all you need is 20-20 vision to see it. Valleys transport water from the top of the house across the shingles to the rain gutters for removal. If the valleys don’t send the water to the gutters there is a problem, and it is visually apparent to the naked eye because you will see water pooling in places on your roof when it should be moving to the gutters. What that should tell you are that have had water damage to the inside of the roof and it has created a low spot on the roof. Once this problem has become prevalent, you need to take action sooner rather than later to prevent the spread of the damage.
  • Your rain gutters are the saving grace of the roofing system, without them, water will drain right down the side of your house and to the ground. You need to maintain clear passageways for the gutters to operate, if not, water will bottleneck where there is a blockage and then it will spill over the gutters. Conversely, branches, twigs or sticks that land in gutters could lead damage that will force you to replace the damaged sections of the gutters to keep the water flowing to the downspouts and away from the house.
  • Another source of water entry in a roofing system is through the skylights and chimneys that are present on our roofs. Both attachments are lodged in a roofing system and sealed to it with caulking for waterproofing. Caulking has been known to shrink or crack due to age or damage and it is important that regular checks be made on both attachments to ensure their watertight integrity. If you engage in gutter cleaning every year, a quick look at the chimney and skylight is smart decision-making. Better yet, have a roofing contractor inspect your roofing system periodically to find any problems or potential problems that could arise, because an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure in this instance. 

Sitting just south of the headwaters of the Grand River, Belwood is a small agricultural community that has been around for over 150 years, and the village has some manufacturing but essentially is farm country.

When roofing work needs to be done the community instinctively reaches out to us at AM Roofing Solutions for help to get the job done. For a free roof inspection, a no-cost information session, and a free estimate call us today at AM Roofing Solutions at 1.877.281.6900.

Roof Repair in Belwood

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