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Roof Repair in Acton

You just bought a brand new car, a milestone for many, and you couldn’t be happier. Cruising down the boulevard with music blaring and hot new whip beneath is attracting attention from everyone you pass. The car has given you a lift in the self0esteem department and you are proud to be driving the slick new ride. Every time you go into a parking lot, whether it is at the local plaza stopping for bread and milk or the parking lot at work, you look for a parking spot away from other cars. The bright shine from your new car’s paint job is what attracted you to the car, to begin with, and you go to great lengths to protect the finish. But, the inevitable occurs, somebody in a winter beater has parked next to your car and left a fair-sized dent on the driver’s door of your car. The insurance deductible for your car is relatively high so a claim to the insurance company is out of the question; you don’t need a rate increase to go with the repair you need for the door of your car. You bite the bullet and head for your local auto body shop for an estimate to repair your baby and get the bad news – it is going to cost a pretty penny to repair the door and add new paint, but you made the investment in the car and now it is time for an investment in the repair of your new car. Some home repairs are caused by the acts of others – think a baseball through your front window – but in a lot of cases, most home repairs come from old age or an upgrade that needs to be made in your home.

A roof repair in Acton generally occurs because the systems that make up your roof are worn out due to age or a weather event has caused some damage that will need a repair. A dent in car door can wait, a roof repair in Acton cannot because of the nature of protection that a roofing system offers a home. When you purchased your home you invested thousands of dollars to get the down payment together and you knew maintenance would be part of the equation when you need a roof repair in Acton you were expecting the worst, but it may not be all bad. The first thing that needs to be done was to bring a contractor who could provide a good roof repair in Acton and you called AM Roofing Solutions. You called us at AM Roofing Solutions because you knew what many other happy customers know, that we have excellent service personnel that makes a roof repair in Acton an easy pill to swallow. Part of mystique that is our reputation in the roofing business comes from legacy, we have been in the roofing business for over 60-years. In the roofing business that is an eternity in the here-today-gone-tomorrow business that roofing is, but our founder had a plan and we followed it. Part of the plan was to provide fair work for fair pay, do the job right the first time and on a budget was another part of the plan that we strictly adhere to. What our founder never contemplated was the contribution our family has made to the business – for three generations they have served the interest that a roof repair in Acton or anywhere else for that matter and their work is critical to our success. When we have finished your roof repair in Acton, we will leave you with a warranty for labour, and is for 10-years in duration and it was at our founder’s insistence that we supply a warranty of that length.

Roof repair in Acton, gets the facts before you act

  • Many clues or hints will indicate when you need a roof repair in Acton, and those clues or hints will start with the condition of the shingles. If they have dislodged from the decking, have cracks, splits or rounded corners, it is time for a roof repair in Acton to keep water out of the roofing system. Water won’t just damage the roofing system, it can create health risks for your family, mold will grow silently and release bacteria into the atmosphere and it can produce respiratory problems when inhaled over a long period of time.
  • Working with the shingles to move water are the valleys that are placed at the end of the sections of your roof. The valleys are angled seams of metal that help draw the water to the tracking they create and get it moving to the rain gutters for removal from the roofing system. The valleys can be rendered inoperable due to leak problems in the roofing system because flat spots will become evident when the trusses have been soaked repeatedly. The trusses will sag and the sag will see water accumulate in the flat spot and then on into the attic.
  • If the shingles are working well with the valleys, the water runoff will reach the rain gutters for an orderly dispersal to the ground through a network of downspouts. To keep the rain gutters working well, they need to be kept clean to keep the water moving to the ground. If you see water overflowing from the rain gutters it should tell you that you have materials in the gutter that need removal. Sticks and tree bark pose another problem for rain gutters, they can poke holes in the gutters or cause them to pull away from the fascia opening up a gap where water can run straight down a wall to the foundation.
  • The last of the common threats that a roofing system can experience come from the skylights and chimneys. Both items are inserted into the roofing system and can be prone to leaks if not properly sealed with adhesion in the form of caulking. A skylight water leak will be evident because you can see the water on the floor or drips running down the wall where it is installed. In the case of a chimney, the leak could be more surreptitious because you will have no idea water is making an entry to your home until it is too late. If you clean your gutters on at regular intervals, check the skylights and chimney and is a new bead of caulking is needed, you can have it done for the price of large pizza and 50 wings.

Acton is a small city at the western end of the Greater Toronto Area, and many of the residents commute to points east to make a living. Acton has been called a bedroom community, but that doesn’t take into account the community spirit the little city has and they go to great lengths to show it. Festivals and fairs are part of what living in Acton are all about and they have a quality of life that attracts new residents to their community every year.

A roof repair for any home in Acton should be left the experts in all things roofing, and that is AM Roofing Solutions. For a no-obligation consultation, a free roof inspection, and a free estimate, call us today at AM Roofing Solutions at 1.877.281.6900.

Roof Repair in Acton

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