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Roof Repair in Arthur

The bathroom, or should I say the commode, or the Water Closet, or the head is the one place in the house where you can get uninterrupted privacy. Some people have called the bathroom the library, as many like to read when they are in the bathroom. It is one place where you can feel completely unencumbered by the vagaries of life and it is a source of sanctuary during trying times. Back in the day, houses were built with one bathroom, if you weren’t independently wealthy, so you had to make the most of your time in the head. If you came from a big family, you are innately familiar with this precept. But a bathroom can come with problems of its’ own, through use over the years, the toilet can require service to keep it running the way we need it too. If the toilet slips slightly on the base, leaks can become the inevitable result and then we need a plumber to get things under control. If we have only one bathroom in our home the need to repair the problem is amplified and right now isn’t soon enough when we need the repair to be made to our plumbing. Lots of surprise repairs in a home can happen and they become right now needs, a roof repair in Arthur is one such repair that just can’t wait. Sometimes, you may get some advanced notice that a roof repair in Arthur is coming your way, you might see watermarks or puddles where they never existed before and it should raise the spectre of concern. More often than not, though, a roof repair in Arthur is a surprise we could all do without because it means stopping the world to get the roof repair in Arthur done. Otherwise, the consequences could result in a 10-fold problem that will require a massive financial injection into our home’s roofing system.

When an emergency roof repair in Arthur visits your home, you need to contact a roofing contractor for help. And, at AM Roofing Solutions, we are here to help meet the emergency head-on and provide a roof repair in Arthur that will solve the crisis. Our background in the roofing trade spans six decades due to our superior service techs and the quality work they do when they supply a roof repair in Arthur. Leading the roofing brigade is our family – for three generations they have been the bedrock of our success and their work is highly regarded. After all is said and done for your roof repair in Arthur, we have a labour warranty that is for 10-years in duration to cover anything that could go wrong with the work we have provided.

Roof repair in Arthur; heed the warning signs

  • If you have a car and problem arises, a sensor will let you know what the trouble might be and then you can see your mechanic for a repair. But a roofing system has no such sensor to let you know when trouble is brewing at the top of your house, so you need to know what could go wrong and what it looks like. If shingles have started to curl, become cracked or are flapping because they aren’t properly secured, you should know you need a roof repair in Arthur. When shingles aren’t covering the entire area on your roof it will allow water to enter the roofing system and that is a problem that a large repair will solve, but why wait? Get the work done when it is small repair and limited cost and you can rest easy knowing that you have protected your home and family from the weather.
  • Other roofing problems are a little harder to identify, but the warning signs are omnipresent if you have an eye for detail. When it rains, we go in the house to stay dry, but on occasion, we should go out and see how our roof is dealing with the water falling from the sky. The valleys on the roof should be moving the water to the rain gutters and then away from the house through the downspout system. If the water isn’t moving during a storm its is pooling and looking for entry points to the roofing system if you happen to witness this first-hand, you know there is a problem, if you see stains on the decking in the attic then you know you have a problem.
  • Water that is collected by the valleys for distribution by the rain gutters and the downspouts and that means clean gutters are the only way water will move. Many things can interrupt the flow of water like birds nesting, or leaves falling from the trees or branches that have been dislodged from trees. The blockage can produce an expansion in the gutters that will cause a bottleneck of water then it is spilled over to the ground. If you have material buildup that can cause damage, like punctures, cracks or holes, it will see water released to the ground, compounding the problem. A seasonal gutter cleaning will go along way to mitigating this problem and provide a chance to review the integrity of the gutters as a whole.
  • When you in the midst of gutter inspection and cleaning, take a look at the skylight and chimney on your home to determine if the caulking is in good shape. The caulking is all that stands in the way of a major water leak in your home and if you have a contractor up on the roof anyway, get a new bead of caulking installed and kill two birds with one stone. Simple nickel and dime solutions will prevent major headaches down the road, especially with a chimney because you will never know it is leaking until it is too late.

The village of Arthur may be small by population standards, but is has a huge patriotic heart. When WW II broke out, the town saw almost 15 per cent of the population enlist to go to war – 125 men out of a town of 870 people – and that represented the biggest single sacrifice by any town in the Ontario. But many small towns made great sacrifices to assist in the war effort and Arthur’s contribution is s praised every Remembrance Day at the local cenotaph.

When our friends and neighbours in Arthur need a roof repair they reach out to us at AM Roofing Solutions for help. For a no-cost roof inspection, free consultation and free estimate; call us at AM Roofing Solutions today at 1.877.281.6900.

Roof Repair in Arthur

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