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Eavestrough, Soffit and Fascia Repair and Installation in St. Jacobs

When deciding on home repairs, one of the questions you ask yourself is how longer will we be here and will we need the repair before we leave? If you want to max the resale value of your home when listed, repairs will be commonplace activities, if not the value of the house will plummet. That is why I makes execcelent business sense to get an an eavestrough repalcment in St. Jacobs, a fascia replacement in St. Jacobs or a soffit replacement in St. Jacobs – not just for the aesthetics but for the practical necessity that the repairs become. When the work needs to be done and you need someone you can trust, reach out to us at AM Roofing Soultions to get the project off the ground and to a successful conclusion.

A troika, the eavestrough, fascia and soffit


  • To keep the roof dry, you need to have a working eavestrough to accommodate the water that falls from the sky or melts when you have snow on the roof. The best part of an eavestrough is also its biggest drawback – an open channel that will catch debris and hold it. The eavestrough wasn’t meant to move anything other than water – other stuff in the channels cause clogs. In the event clogs slow water flow, an eavestrough repair in St. Jacobs will get the water to the destination is ticketed for – the ground – and you protect your roofing system. Eavestroughs weren’t made to last forever and they can be damamged by the buildup and debris and when that happens an eavestrough installation in St. Jacobs can be what will solve the riddle of poor water movement. If you have water in places you never saw it before – like around your basement windows – a rain gutter repair in St. Jacobs may help re-locate the drainage away from your house and stop a potential leak in your basement. Water will run over the channels of rain gutter if the impediments don’t allow water movement. Over time, the stress of the extra weight from the backed up water and material in the channels will cause a rain gutter replacement in St. Jacobs because the channels wont support the additional weight – cracks will occur and water will run if repair doesn’t proceed.


  • Keeping a watertight seal is what the fascia does for the roofing system, it is found below the eavestrough and it is a wood lath strip that closes a gap between the decking and the roof’s edge. Once water is coming over the eavestrough channels, it hits the fascia first – and wood rot or mold will eventually take hold of the fascia. A fascia repair in St. Jacobs can help reduce the strain of the water damage, but it gets tricky when we are dealing with bacteria. Most contractors, more often than not, recommend a fascia installation in St. Jacobs as a precautionary repair to stop th spread of the bacteria that could endanger family members. The fascia takes a beating, no question about it, and one place that can pulverize the fascia is the attic. When we have limited or poor attic insulation – or heaven forbid, none at all – ice dams will visit your roofing system. Warm air from heating our house in the winter will climb through the house and end in the attic – if we have no insulation the decking heats up and transfer the heat to the shingles. Once the heat hits the shingles it warms them and any snow on the roof will melt and the water heads for eh gutters to get off the roof. As night falls, cooler temperature prevail and that is when the ice dams form at the eavestrough creating damage and potentially a huge gap between the fascia and eavestrough.


  • In a manner of speaking your roof can be susceptible to emphysema of a sort if you can’t get fresh air into the attic. When the holes of he soffit become plugged it is similar to a lack of air for a human. The roof – specifically the attic needs fresh air to keep the temperature relative – if not, humid air will damage the rafters and joists. It takes awhoile for the damage to occur from the vapour and you might be able to get a soffit repair in St. Jacobs to stop damage from taking place. Now, if the soffit has been impacted by mold or wood rot, a soffit installation in St. Jacobs should be the upgrade that will prevent any thing further from hurting your roofing system.

At AM Roofing Solutions we have over 60-years in the roofing business and we hold ourselves out as a full service roofing company capable of all things roofing. For an eavestrough replacement St. Jacobs, a fascia replacement in St. Jacobs or a soffit replacement in St. Jacobs we have a 10-year labour warranty to cover our work, and we have issued that warranty for the past 60-years.

We you think you want to talk to somebody about something you see on your roof, contact us for help – chances are you need roofing work. For a no-cost meeting a free estimate and free inspection, call us at AM Roofing Solutins today, at 1.877.281.6900.  

Eavestrough, Soffit and Fascia Repair and Installation in St. Jacobs

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