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Eavestrough, Soffit and Fascia Repair and Installation in Mt. Forest

Keeping out homes in livable shape is challenging, to say the least, problems can come from many areas and we have to be prepared when they do. Setting up a budget and a schedule should be in your best interests to get out from the repair that could financially nominal as opposed to a major restoration job. In the area of your roof, there are so many things to stay on top of, and an eavestrough replacement in Mt. Forest, a fascia replacement in Mt. Forest and a soffit replacement in Mt. Forest are three repairs to keep a homeowner hopping. The first thing a homeowner should do when they realize they have roofing problems call us at AM Roofing Solutions to get the system functioning at a level it needs to be at.

Keep your roofing system repaired, it pays in the long run


  • Problems can come from the most unlikely places, but when we talk about problems at the eavestrough, know that trees aren’t and eavestrough’s best friend. Trees shed leaves and branches that end up in eavestrough – if the deposit is small an eavestrough repair in Mt. Forest will get the debris out and get the water moving along the channel to the downspouts. Major damage can be done by the blockage - when that happens an eavestrough installation in Mt Forest. Water and leaves become a toxic mix for the rain gutters, once the debris finds a home a rain gutter repair in Mt. Forest should blow out the debris to get water flowing. If the water doesn’t move or there is a hole or a crack in the rain gutter, a rain gutter replacement in Mt Forest is the logical solution to keep water flowing.


  • At the edge of the roof sits the fascia – an unassuming strip of wood that closes a gap at the roof’s edge between the decking and the roof’s edge. If you have eavestrough problems – clogs in the channels that are forcing water over the sides, the fascia is the first point of contact for the water. It increases the likelihood of wood rot for the fascia due to the exposure to wayward water. A fascia repair in Mt. Forest might be the corrective action you need to stop the rot from spreading, but you won’t know the extent of the trouble until an inspection of the fascia can make. Most times, a contractor will tell a homeowner it is better to have a fascia installation in Mt. Forest as a precaution against future damage because wood rot can appear at any time. Another factor that affects the fascia is on the inside of the house and it is the attic insulation that is the offender here. It can’t be stressed enough that proper attic insulation plays a huge role in a roofing systems health: Reason number 974, why attic insulation is important. Less than adequate attic insulation will not protect the roofing system – in the winter hot air will meet the shingles through poor attic insulation and melt any snow that is on the roof. The water will make its way to the rain gutters, but it will freeze again when the temperature drops. When the temperature drops ice dams are formed at the eavestrough and the damage is done. The dams will force the eavestrough away from the fascia leaving a gap for water to move through when temperatures rise above freezing – not good for the side of your house or the ground where the water will land.


  • You would never think that your roofing system needs fresh air to operate, but that is the case and it is why we have a soffit on the underside of the eavestrough. The soffit is a panel that contains holes that are staggered throughout the panel in through those holes is how fresh air gets into the roof. If you notice your attic temperature is closer to the house temperature rather than the outside temperature, it should tell you that a soffit repair in Mt. Forest should be made to increase airflow. The warm, moist air or water vapour will get from the home to the attic and it will cause problems that are expensive to solve. The trusses, joists, and rafters are made of wood and over time they become dry and are ready to absorb water vapour. That weakens their ability to support the roof and a soffit installation in Mt. Forest is a solution to help prevent further problems like sagging or twisting of the joists or rafters.

At AM Roofing Solutions, we have been making a difference in the roofing business for over 60-years and our work is highly valued. For an eavestrough replacement in Mt. Forest or a fascia replacement in Mt. Forest or a soffit replacement in Mt. Forest, know that you are in good hands with us. Our work is guaranteed by a labour warranty for a 10-year period – one of the longest warranties in our business.

Touch base with us at AM Roofing Solution when you need some advice or help when determining whether your roof is in good shape. For a free inspection, a no-cost meeting and free estimate are yours when you call us at AM Roofing Solutions today at 1.877.281.6900.

Eavestrough, Soffit and Fascia Repair and Installation in Mt. Forest

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