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Eavestrough, Soffit and Fascia Repair and Installation in Palmerston

We shovel the snow, rake the leaves and pick up the stuff that accumulates on the lawn, basic chores that are part of homeownership. These are the simple tasks to perform to keep up our property, and it doesn’t take a lot to do. When we get into to larger tasks, the degree of difficulty increases and the amount of knowledge and expertise also increases. An eavestrough replacement in Palmerston, a fascia replacement in Palmerston and a soffit replacement in Palmerston needs a professional touch to get the repair work right. At AM Roofing Solutions we have a high degree of expertise and the in-depth knowledge to satisfy the needs of your roofing work.

The three amigos, eavestrough, fascia and soffit


  • Water falls from the sky or precipitation melts on the roof and when it does it needs somewhere to go, and that is across the shingles to the eavestrough for dispersal through the downspouts system and then to the ground. If we happen to have clogs in the eavestrough channel an eavestrough repair in Palmerston is a small but effective repair to get the water moving to the desired location. If the buildup is causing water to spill through the channels and damage is being done to the channels via the buildup – like sticks or walnuts for example – an eavestrough installation in Palmerston will restore the integrity of the channels and help water move to the destination – the ground – and it is a timely investment to protect your drainage system. Protecting a drainage system means that a rain gutter repair in Palmerston will appear on your maintenance schedule to help keep water out of window wells and the basement. When water is sneaking over the channels because twigs and branches have caused a blockage – the weight of the materials plus the water means problems that only a rain gutter replacement in Palmerston can relieve for a homeowner.


  • To keep water out of the roofing system, the roof needs to have quality seals in areas like the fascia to help with that chore. The fascia is a strip of wood that resides below the eavestrough and it takes the brunt of water that comes over the channels when they are blocked. Water makes life tough for the fascia – wood rot and mold will latch on to the fascia and a fascia repair in Palmerston may help curb the infection. The problem with wood rot and mold is that you never know just how infected the fascia is – that is when a fascia installation in Palmerston comes into play – it is a prudent decision that makes a sound investment in the roof a solid one. Certainly, the fascia is at ground zero for water damage and another point of contention that damages the fascia is in the attic. Insulation, it is a necessary evil for any home and when you have too little or none it will cause problems for the fascia. In the winter snow on the roof will melt when it meets with warm temperatures – heat leaks from the house and through the limited insulation and warms the decking, heating up the shingles. The snow melts, water runs to the eavestrough and then freezes when the temperature cools – ice dams at the fascia and eavestrough are the conclusion to the activity. The dams create a break between the fascia and the eavestrough and the gap is the next big repair you will make on your roof.


  • Any enclosed space will heat up if ventilation isn’t sent in to regulate the temperatures. In the attic, humidity from the residence makes its way into the attic where the vapour will hang. The soffit was created to prevent this problem from happening – the soffit is a panel that sits under the eavestrough and fascia and it has holes in it to allow air to climb into the attic. If the attic is too warm or it feels steamy – a soffit repair in Palmerston can go along where to stabilizing the attic temperatures. Depending on the nature of the problem with the soffit – it may require a soffit installation in Palmerston – mold in the fascia should trigger an entire retrofit of the soffit.

When you assign an eavestrough replacement in Palmerston, a fascia replacement in Palmerston or a soffit replacement in Palmerston to us at AM Roofing Solutions, we will guarantee that your workmanship will last for 10-years and we provide a warranty as our commitment to the work. For more than six decades we have engaged Ontarians who have roofing problems and our work is a difference maker for your homer’s roofing system.

Contact us when the need arises and we will make every effort to help you with your roofing problems. For a free estimate, a no-cost meeting and free inspection, call us at AM Roofing Solutions today at 1.877.281.6900.  

Eavestrough, Soffit and Fascia Repair and Installation in Palmerston

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