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Eavestrough, Soffit and Fascia Repair and Installation in Georgetown

Don’t let the grass grow when need to make repairs around your house; costs and damage are the byproducts of the results less than adequate maintenance that we face. If you take a look at your roofing system, know that maintenance is necessary to keep the systems working to move warm and keep inside your home. An eavestrough replacement in Georgetown, a fascia replacement in Georgetown and a soffit replacement in Georgetown are all repairs that will come in time if you won your house long enough. At AM Roofing Solutions we are an excellent company that can help you update or repair your roofing system components and keep them working, as you need them too.

United we stand, divided we fall


  • When one roofing system suffers because it is under attack the other systems suffer also as they need to take on responsibility for things they weren’t designed to do. An eavestrough moves water, if it clogged, the water that should make it way to the ground through the downspouts ends up on the ground by running over the channels. An eavestrough repair in Georgetown can relieve the blockage and get the water flowing in the channels rather than over the side. If the branches or leaves that have built up over time causing the clog have damaged the channels an eavestrough installation in Georgetown will be the only solution you can take to get water moving. Keeping the rain gutters open is the primary responsibility of a homeowner if he wants the gutters to work properly – and a rain gutter repair in Georgetown – done in a timely manner will do just that, drain water. In the event that problems are present in the rain gutters and they require a rain gutter replacement in Georgetown, it is a small sacrifice compared to what may await you.


  • Many of the components of the roofing system are made of wood – the fascia is a wood strip that runs horizontally along the base of the eavestrough where it meets the roof’s edge. When you have a blockage at the gutters, the first stop for the water is at the fascia. Over time, the fascia can develop wood rot and that is a curse that a fascia repair in Georgetown may prevent if the damage is one spot. But, the damage can be in many different spots where water has impacted the fascia and a fascia installation in Georgetown will supplant the infection. The fascia gets hit with problems not its own making and ice dams are the problem that comes courtesy of the attic. Limited or no insulation will help warm air make its way to the upper decking in your attic and it will bleed through the shingles. In the winter that will help snowmelt and run off the roof via the shingles. Winter temperatures – depending on region –can quickly change and the water will re-freeze. This is where the dams come from and if they form at the eavestrough – where the dams usually form – it will make break the contact between the fascia and eavestrough. Water will cascade through the large gap and on to the ground or in a window well. Either place isn’t where you want the water to end up.


  • The roof needs to have fresh air blown through the attic to keep temperatures from skyrocketing and injuring your roofing system. Warm, moist air will cause water vapour to form in the attic, and if you don’t have the fresh air return to get the vapour out the vents, the trusses and joists get hurt along the way. Sometimes, it is just a case of opening up the soffit ventilation chambers to get fresh air in and a soffit repair in Georgetown will accomplish that goal. If the temperature doesn’t change after a repair, a soffit installation in Georgetown will be the only thing to save your joists and rafters from damage. Take a look around your neighbourhood, houses with a bow running along their roof have had that problem and the bow or sag is the result of poor ventilation.

 At AM Roofing Solutions, we have been in business longer than all of our competitors – 60-years and counting – and our expertise is unrivaled when you need an eavestrough replacement in Georgetown, a fascia replacement in Georgetown and a soffit replacement in Georgetown you get a 10-year warranty for labour to accompany our work.

In the home of the Greater Toronto Area commuter, roofing problems are kicked to the curb when you reach out to us at AM Roofing Solutions. For a free estimate, a no-cost meeting and free inspection, call us at AM Roofing Solutions today at 1.877.281.6900.

Eavestrough, Soffit and Fascia Repair and Installation in Georgetown

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