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Eavestrough, Soffit and Fascia Repair and Installation in Elora

When we make a major purchase we the option of buying a warranty or we might ensure the asset we are acquiring through our purchase. In other instances we may buy insurance for our loved ones in case – God forbid – we lose a spouse or a partner. New cars come with a warranty for problems that may crop up or, if you buy a used car you can purchase a warranty for mechanical breakdowns. For house repairs, we can receive some type of warranty coverage, but it is a case of Carpez Diem when we do. An eavestrough replacement in Elora, a fascia replacement in Elora or a soffit replacement in Elora can have warrantied attached if you purchase the work from a qualified contractor. At AM Roofing Solutions we have been solving all the roofing problems under the sun and then some, with our expertise and knowledge that is predicated on the strength of the people who provide the work.

Working towards goals, eavestrough, fascia, and soffit


  • The eavestrough is an important part of any home’s roofing system, it provides the drainages service that a roof needs to stay dry and protect the inhabitants from harm. An eavestrough’s greatest asset is also its greatest liability and when the open channels of the eavestrough fill with junk – it impairs water drainage to the downspouts. An eavestrough repair in Elora will be a big help to get the water moving in the right direction and should satisfy the goal of getting water off the roof. As we mentioned, the liability of open channels can cause damage to the eavestrough. Sticks and twigs are the banes of the eavestrough and they are responsible for most of the damage an eavestrough receives and then an eavestrough installation in Elora is the last resort to keep water traveling to the ground. Once the backed up water starts flowing over the channels a rain gutter repair in Elora will keep water in the track and get it located away from the house. Most times, roofing problems happen subtly and by the time you review the rain gutter situation it is almost assured you will need a rain gutter replacement in Elora to prevent further degradation to the drainage system.


  • When water gets out of the channels of the rain gutters – it will spill over and the first point of intersection with the house is at the fascia. The fascia is a wood strip or an aluminum-clad strip that will prevent water from leaking into the roofing system. But, like any product made of wood, it wasn’t meant to withstand the onslaught of water from an overburdened rain gutter channel. A fascia repair in Elora may be the ticket to ride for the water to get to the ground providing, of course, you clean the channels too. If you have been slow to notice the problem of water drainage – your fascia may be impacted by wood rot or mold that will grow when conditions are ripe – constant water exposure being the problem here – then a fascia installation in Elora is the only solution left to clear up the problem once and for all. True, the fascia gets hit by problems that it doesn’t create and suffers the consequences of the unsolved problem. Specifically, poor attic insulation is the worst thing that can happen to the fascia, here’s how. The insulation – of non-existent insulation will be the driver for heat to reach the decking and the shingles from the house. Once it starts warming the decking the heat will be transferred to the shingles and any snow will start to melt due to increased temperatures. Melt snow – water by this point – is moving to the gutters, so far so good. When night falls, and the air cools, water reverts back to a solid and ice dams are formed at the eavestrough and fascia. Damage will be done and the repairs will need to be made as well as an attic top-up of insulation to prevent the problem from occurring again.


  • An attic needs to be kept reasonably cool to prevent damage to the supports like the joist or trusses – if not sags or twists can come to the fore and affect the joists and trusses ability to support the roof. The soffit helps draw air from the outdoors into the attic to even off the temperature in the attic. The problem is moist air that rises from the house and goes to the attic where it hangs and be absorbed by the wooden support structures. If you are having soffit problems, it might be a few plugged holes in the panel and soffit repair in Elora will get the fresh air moving into the attic. If you have had problems with the fascia or the eavestrough – a soffit installation in Elora should be enacted – you can’t know for sure how the other problems have affected the soffit and you really don’t want to take a chance and go short on the most important home repair you could ever make – so an installation is a thing.

Our company, AM Roofing Solutions, has many decades in business – 60-plus-years – and we successfully administer roofing solutions when our customers need them. An eavestrough replacement in Elora, a fascia replacement in Elora and a soffit replacement in Elora come with our precedent-setting 10-year warranty to cover our customer’s…. roof for protection.

Eavestrough, Soffit and Fascia Repair and Installation in Elora


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