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Eavestrough, Soffit and Fascia Repair and Installation in Elmira

Your roofing system is like an assembly line; it takes water from the roof, inserts fresh air into the attic chamber and prevents water from entering through gaps or holes. The composition and activities are tightly regulated to ensure success, but there are times when an eavestrough replacement in Elmira, a fascia replacement in Elmira, or a soffit replacement in Elmira will be needed to keep the line running. When maintenance is needed for your roofing system, contact us at AM Roofing Solutions to get the much-needed relief your roofing system needs and the components to function well together.

Moving water and air, the eavestrough, fascia and soffit


  • Moving water is water the eavestrough is all about; it gets rainwater or melted precipitation from the shingles and sends to the ground through the downspout network. To be effective, an eavestrough must be clear of anything that could stop the flow of water, if not an eavestrough repair in Elmira will make release any blockage that has taken hold in the troughs. But the excess materials in the eavestrough can be a problem, then, an eavestrough installation in Elmira is a solution whose time has come. Water and blockage create a tremendous strain on the rain gutters, a rain gutter repair in Elmira will reduce the strain to zero when enacted. If you are later to the repair party, you will need to provide a rain gutter replacement in Elmira when the gutter is damaged beyond use.


  • Keeping water out of the attic is part of the fascia’s responsibilities – it closes a gap between the eavestrough and the roof’s edge and is ground zero for water over the eavestrough channels. Made of wood, the fascia will experience wood rot or mold when it forced to deal with water from the eavestrough and a fascia repair in Elmira can help reduce the problem to a manageable situation. If the rot and mold have crept in the tracking, a fascia installation in Elmira should be just what the Doctor ordered, a remedy. The fascia also takes a hit from the attic if insulation required density of insulation isn’t covering the floor of the attic. Warm will move through the house until it gets to the attic, once there, the heat warms the decking and shingles and raises the temperature on the roof to above freezing. If snow is present, it will melt and head for the rain gutters – but when the water cools and freezes it forms ice dams at the rain gutter. The dam will break the seal between the fascia and eavestrough and more work and money to correct a problem that should have been anticipated.


  • The soffit aspirates the attic by providing the attic with a much-needed dose of fresh air to keep temperatures cool, and dry. The soffit is a panel that has holes to ventilate the attic and the air needs to be sent through the soffit, as there is no other way to get air there. If the process is impaired – blocked ventilation holes – a soffit repair in Elmira will help with a breath of air for the attic. If you have had fascia damage, you will probably have to look at another alternative and that is a soffit installation in Elmira as the solution for the problem. Mold and wood rot aren’t easily evicted from your roofing system, and generally, you need to purge any infected pieces of the roof to completely remove all diseased of affect wood in the roofing system. In an attic that has humid air hanging like spider webs, the water vapour will hurt your roofing system in a most unusual way. The vapour will embed itself in the wood, creating a structural weakness in the joists and trusses that keep the house up. Once you have had a prolonged episode of water vapour in the attic the supports will bow and your roofing system still needs more help than just a soffit replacement.

Our business is roofing, and at AM Roofing Solutions that has been a 60-year love affair that shows no signs of abating. An eavestrough replacement in Elmira, a fascia replacement in Elmira and soffit replacement in Elmira comes with our famous 10-year labour warranty – and it is the longest in our business for workmanship.

Call us when you have reservations about your roofing system and we will treat the problems with our top-notch expertise. For a free estimate, a free inspection and a no-cost meeting, call us today at AM Roofing Solutions at 1877.281.6900.  

Eavestrough, Soffit and Fascia Repair and Installation in Elmira

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