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Eavestrough, soffit, fascia installation and repair in Bolton

Weather can often be unforgiving for our homes and more specifically to the roofing systems. The roofing system on any house works in concert with a number of different elements to maintain temperature, keep a watertight seal and protect our homes from the vagaries of the weather that could damage our homes. When problems arise on the roof it is important to take action immediately to prevent a large problem from becoming a bigger one. Many times, roofing system failures are the result of failure of the support systems like the eavestroughs, fascia and soffits. When these components fail an eavestrough repair in Bolton or a fascia repair in Bolton or a soffit repair in Bolton will go a long way to protecting your home and the roofing system in general.

How the components of a roofing system work together


The eavestrough, fascia and soffits all play a role in maintaining a roofing system and when one component fails it stresses the other components until they no longer perform at any level of efficiency. The eavestrough need to be kept clear of debris to keep water flowing. When they aren’t maintained debris can accumulate and cause damage from overflowing water. If the damage becomes to great an eavestrough repair in Bolton can help alleviate the pressure on the other systems on the roof. If holes have opened up in the eavestrough an eavestrough installation in Bolton may be a good course of action for the future health of the roof. Our wrap around roofing service at AM Roofing Solutions will provide an eavestrough installation in Bolton that will last for many years and help maintain any warranties that are part of your roofing system. The eavestrough will carry water to the down spouts, the down spouts run the water away from the home and the foundation. When it isn’t, water damage will occur around the foundation creating problems of unintended consequences, and that means the rain gutter repairs in Bolton could solve the problem and if not a rain gutter replacement in Bolton may need to be performed. 


The fascia that runs around the circumference of your roof edge is another important piece of the roofing system puzzle. The fascia is attached to the edge of the roof and it joins the decking with the side of the roofing system. It can be subject to damage should the rain gutters become clogged. That forces the water over the edge of the gutters and t runs down the fascia and the side of the home. Over a prolonged period of exposure to water, the fascia can experience wood rot that will eventually bleed into the decking of the roofing system creating bigger problems. If caught early a fascia repair in Bolton can be an effective way to treat the problem and stop it dead in its tracks. But if the damage is too great and a fascia repair in Bolton won’t solve the problem, a new fascia installation in Bolton maybe the only solution to stem the problem. Also, if the attic has less than adequate insulation it will create problems down the line. With inadequate insulation, snow on the roof can be melted quickly and then refreeze when temperatures drop. This creates ice dams at the base of the roofing system – where the fascia and rain gutters meet and it forces the gutters away from the house. When this happens a fascia installation in Bolton is the only course of action as is topping attic insulation as a preventive measure going forward.


The soffit is conjoined with the fascia to regulate temperature – it has holes to let cold air in – working with the ventilation system on the roof to release excess heat from the attic. If the fascia is compromised through weather damage or debris, water damage will occur and moisture leakage to the soffit will ensue. This will create another form of wood rot and the moisture will invade the attic. A soffit repair in Bolton can help eliminate problems in the initial stages of degradation, but a soffit repair in Bolton may not correct the problem a new soffit installation in Bolton might be the only curse of action available to the homeowner. Repairs are all well and good when dealing with problems, but in keeping with long term planning for you roofing system a new soffit installation in Bolton is probably the best way to go when you think of your investment in your home.

At AM Roofing Solutions, we have provided our customers with quality eavestrough replacement in Bolton for many years. Our services as a roofing company span 60 years and we can meet the challenges of your roofing problems and deal with a soffit replacement in Bolton or a fascia replacement in Bolton in a timely manner that reflects quality and integrity in out work.

Residents in Peel Region can make arrangements today for a free inspection and evaluation with us at AM Roofing Solutions by calling 519.942.0799

Eavestrough, soffit, fascia installation and repair in Bolton

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