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Eavestrough, Soffit and Fascia Repair and Installation in Arthur

A windstorm blew through your region and you noticed that one of the trees is missing a couple of branches, and upon further investigation, you see them on the roof. You get out your trusty ladder to retrieve the branches before anything else happens and you notice your roof has seen better days. Then you start to think about an eavestrough replacement in Arthur, a fascia replacement in Arthur and a soffit replacement in Arthur as a means of upgrading your roofing system to prevent further erosion of your roofing system. A call to the experts at AM Roofing Solutions will help outline where you need help and how that help can restrict the damage that water and weather will create for your roofing system.

Keeping all systems go, the eavestrough, fascia, and soffit


  • When you were retrieving the branches from the roof, you noticed that you had some leaves in the eavestrough; they weren’t higher than the channels so you think that water is still flowing through the eavestrough. But, to be on the safe side, you decide that an eavestrough repair in Arthur should be undertaken to keep the water moving and stop the buildup from getting any bigger in the channel. Eavestrough work is proceeding, but the branches you saw on the roof has caused a crack to one of the sections of the eavestrough and an eavestrough installation in Arthur needs to be done to cover off the broken pieces of the eavestrough. Water and debris will hurt an eavestrough in subtle ways and when they are, a rain gutter repair in Arthur should be all you need to increase water flow. Depending on the age of the gutters, you might consider a rain gutters replacement in Arthur, if the gutters are old, you might want to do things all at once rather re-visiting the problem of the next few years.


  • Your fascia will take a beating if you have blocked rain gutters because the water will get over the sides and run down the house, starting, coincidentally at the fascia. The fascia is a strip of wood that is attached underneath the eavestrough and it closes a gap between the eavestrough and the inner roof. Over time, intense water damage will rot the fascia and mold will set in, prompting a fascia repair in Arthur. If the rot or the mold is running down the entire strip of fascia a fascia installation in Arthur will be needed to prevent any further spread of rot and mold. A secondary problem for the fascia to deal comes in the attic where shoddy insulation can create a perfect storm for damage to the fascia and the eavestrough. Snow melting on the roof due to excessively high temperatures in the attic because your insulation doesn’t meet provincial code will see water running to the eavestrough. That is what you want, but you don’t want the water to re-freeze when the temperatures subside because it creates ice dams at the fascia and eavestrough. Once the water has frozen it will exert force against the fascia and pull the eavestrough away from the fascia – bad news all around.


  • To keep the attic cool and dry, you need a source of fresh air that will reduce warm temperatures and take the humid, warm air from the attic through the vents. This is the priority work that the soffit does, and when you can’t get airflow into the attic you need a soffit repair in Arthur to clean out the holes that created for ventilation. If the fascia has been damaged and has mold growing – a soffit installation in Arthur will be the requirement - you can’t have mold spores in the soffit because it will be transmitted to the attic. When we let humid conditions take over in our attic, mold and wood rot are prevalent, but it is what they infect that is the real problem. The trusses and joists are made of wood and will absorb the wet vapour and over time they will sag or bow and you can see it outside when your roof has a small arc.

For more than 60-years we have been solving roofing problems for homeowners, an eavestrough replacement in Arthur, a fascia replacement in Arthur and a soffit replacement in Arthur is one of the many things we do well in our business. Once the work is done, it is covered by a 10-year workmanship warranty to cover anything that could happen in the interim.

Contact us at AM Roofing Solutions when you need someone to talk to about the condition of your roofing system. For a free inspection, a no-obligation consultation and free estimate call us at AM Roofing Solutions today at 1.877.281.6900. 

Eavestrough, Soffit and Fascia Repair and Installation in Arthur  

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