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Eavestrough, fascia and soffit installation in Halton Hills

Over the course of time our homes have become more protective of our family due to improvements made in construction and materials that create our dwellings. As they have developed our systems for protection from the elements and the dangers of the outside world have also evolved. In the past a roof was just a covering from the top of our house, now it is system that works together to serve a number of different needs that face our protection from the environment. The shingles are the primary driver of all things roofing and they interdict with eavestrough, fascia and soffit to provide functions that the roof needs to maintain warm dry environment for the people who live in the home. When one or all of those systems are failing, our company, AM Roofing Solutions will be there to make the repairs or replacements necessary for the roof to function as it was designed to do. The eavestrough was designed to take water from the shingles and move it to the downspouts and away from the house. Due to the nature of the eavestrough system – an open channel – it can have clutter and debris deposited in the channel reducing the rain gutters’ functionality when it came to moving water. In the event that this situation occurs, an eavestrough replacement in Halton Hills can reverse the damage that the clutter has created and get the water flowing. The blockage in the gutters can cause water spillover to the fascia and the walls of the home and that will cause many unique problems if not corrected in a timely manner. If the eavestrough is suffering from problems that are preventing it from functioning, the fascia will bear some of the damage that is happening. When water spills over to the fascia it drains directly downward along the walls and the water – over time – will impact the fascia. The most prevalent problems that water will cause are wood rot and mold damage to the fascia and a fascia replacement in Halton Hills will stop the problems from spreading. Damage to the eavestrough and fascia spells trouble for the soffit, which is located on the underside of the fascia. The water that causes rot and mold will transfer moisture to the soffit and that could a catastrophe. The soffit functions as the fresh air return for the attic – it is important because it forces hot air from the attic out of the vents. If the soffit is transferring moist air to the attic, the moisture will be absorbed by the trusses and the decking and that will create a sag in the roofing structure and many thousands of dollars in roofing repairs – so it pays to have a soffit replacement in Halton Hills at the first sign of trouble.


Three elements and the way they work together



The eavestrough works like pipes under your sink; it takes water from the roof and runs it to the downspouts and out and away from the house. Debris and other materials can slow or stop the flow of water away from the house and the water will sit in the rain gutter channel or when the channel fills, it will spillover. An eavestrough repair in Halton Hills will blunt the problem and help get the water running to the ground where it was intended to go. At times, the debris and clutter can cause the perforations in the rain gutters or cracks long the channel. Small perforations may be corrected through an eavestrough repair in Halton Hills provided the water leaks aren’t overly bad. If they are a new eavestrough installation in Halton Hills must be done to protect the other areas around the fascia. An eavestrough problem that doesn’t occur on the outside of the roof can have the biggest impact on the eavestrough. Inadequate insulation in the attic will create problems that a new eavestrough installation in Halton Hills can correct but it doesn’t solve the problem. Less than the required amount of insulation in the attic will allow heat to build in the attic and when it does – especially in the winter – will cause any snow on the roof to melt. While that is natural occurrence, it is bad for the eavestrough. When the temperatures fall, the water will change to ice and dams will appear at the edge of the eavestrough and shingles. The dams will push the eavestough away from the fascia leaving a gapping opening between the gutters and the fascia. The byproduct of the problem is water running down the fascia and the house and more damage is in the offing if the problems aren’t solved.



The fascia section is trim that runs around the edge of the house – it holds the eavestrough affixed to the building and acts as protection for the decking where it meets the edge of the ledge of the roof. When spillover is running down the fascia – over time the wood will start to rot and if the wetness doesn’t dry fully mold will grow. A fascia repair in Halton Hills cant stop the spread of rot and mold, but many times the damage is too great to correct with a fascia repair in Halton Hills and a new fascia installation in Halton Hills is the only choice left. When the fascia has become damaged due to invasive water, a repair can only do so much to protect the roof from the travelling water and a fascia installation in Halton Hills should be the default choice due other problems that will be caused.



The soffit regulates cold airflow to the attic and it is important to maintain the flow because the cold air forces the hot air that has built up in the attic out the ventilation system on the roof. When the eavestrough and fascia are under threat of water damage, the soffit experiences its’ own set of problems. When the water that is damaging the fascia it maintains a wet environment that produces moisture vapour, that the soffit will pick up and force into the attic. A soffit repair in Halton Hills will correct a small problem with the soffit, but when an entire stretch of the soffit trim is damp a soffit repair in Halton Hills may not stop the problem. When that is the case a new soffit installation in Halton Hills is the only recourse for the problem. As the soffit sends moisture vapour through the attic, the wooden trusses and decking will absorb the vapour and it will cause the roof to sag, at that point you are committed to a soffit installation in Halton Hills along major structural work to secure your roof to keep it from falling in when it becomes to weak to support the shingles and decking.


At AM Roofing Solutions, we have been helping our customers deal with problems with their roofing systems for over 60 years. If a rain gutters repair in Halton Hills is what is on the agenda, we can strike it off with expertise and professionalism. If the problem is of a more serious nature and a rain gutters replacement in Halton Hills will protect your home, our service techs are ready when you need us.

Community people at the northwestern corner of the Greater Toronto Area can depend on us in their time of need as we stand on guard for them. To have a free, no-obligation inspection and estimate for your roofing system, call us today at 1.877.281.6900.

Eavestrough, fascia and soffit installation in Halton Hills

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