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Eavestrough, Fascia & Soffit Installation and Repair in Guelph

Since the dawn of time humans have evolved and developed culturally and intellectually. Labour saving devices and industry propelled civilization to its current state, but one constant remained, human need for a ‘roof over one’s head.’

It stated with caves, that afforded protection against the elements, other humans and animals that might seek food or their accommodation. Fast forward to the 21st century and the need is no less acute, as society strives for protection against the elements. Homeowners have been challenged by maintenance tasks since dwellings first made their debut, and keep a roof in a good state of repair was always job one for any homeowner. As our homes have developed, our roofing system has become a series of different elements that work in unison to provide comfort and protection from the elements. When one or more elements need to be repaired to replaced, we at AM Roofing Solutions have been there to provide the necessary work to preserve a strong roofing system. The lynchpin of the roof is the eavestrough, without it, all manner of water damaged can affect a home. When your home has an eavestrough that isn’t working as it should and you need an eavestrough replacement in Guelph, we can provide that service for your home. One of the reasons that an eavestrough will need work is debris in and damage to the rain gutters. As water spills over plugged channels it runs over the fascia and to the ground along the side of the house. Prolonged water runoff from the eavestrough to the fascia will create problems like wood rot and mold for the fascia and it will require a fascia replacement in Guelph to adjust the situation from problem to solution. The third member of the three elements on the roof is the soffit. It sits directly below the fascia on the underside of the rain gutter and fascia. If water has been draining along the fascia, it will cause a moisture buildup on the soffit. This is extremely bad news because the soffit is cold air return for the attic; the cold air pushes any hot air out the vents and keeps the temperature in the attic from skyrocketing. If the soffit is leaking moist air into the attic, the wet air will permeate the wood structures in the attic like the decking and trusses and over time they will sag due to the invasion of moisture. When that problem is happening a soffit replacement in Guelph is what you need to save the entire roofing structure to prevent costly repairs to the entire system at a later date.

Three systems, how they integrate and what effects them


Water moves along the path of least resistance and if it isn’t directed properly can create many problems for a homeowner. That means your eavestrough must be in a good state of repair to take the water from the roof and run it the ground through the downspouts. One big problem for an eavestrough is the fact it is an open channel and all manner of clutter can buildup and cause blockages that slow the flow of water to the downspouts. When there is debris in the gutter an eavestrough repair in Guelph can remove the refuse and get the water moving, as it should. Also, when twigs, branches and other items block the rain gutters they can create damage to the gutters and holes and cracks can appear in the channels. If that happens an eavestrough repair in Guelph can make the problem a solution and keep the water from invading other areas of the home. If the rain gutters are experiencing spillover due to the blockage in the gutters, it can magnify the problem and repairs won’t solve the problem. In the event the problem becomes too big for a repair a new eavestrough installation in Guelph can restore the eavestrough’s ability to move water effectively and efficiently. By far, the worst problem and eavestrough can experience doesn’t come from the outdoors but the attic. When there is poor or insufficient attic insulation, hot air rises from the house to the attic and then to the shingles. In the winter this is a huge problem as it causes snow to melt and run to the eavestrough. When temperatures cool and the water turns to a solid it forms ice dams at the base of the shingles and eavestrough. The dams force the eavestrough away from the fascia leaving a gapping spilt between the house and the roof. From there water can run down the side of the house and to the ground and that creates problems for the siding, the brickwork and foundation. At that point a new eavestrough installation in Guelph is the only course of action to head off the other problems that ice dams will cause if left to fester.


Holding the eavestrough to the house is the fascia, while it may be its primary function; the fascia also acts an insulation strip for the decking at the base of the roof and the eavestrough. Keeping water and weather out is a key function for the fascia and it can be negatively impacted when the eavestrough isn’t functioning. If the fascia is exposed to extreme water runoff from blocked gutters it can be the victim of mold and wood rot that will eventually form due to wet conditions. If the rain gutters are damaged in a small area, it means the fascia will also have damage in the same general location. A fascia repair in Guelph will help correct he problem and preserve what is left of the fascia. Because most of the damage that affects the fascia stripping is on the inside of the fascia, a fascia repair in Guelph may not be the cure to the affliction because the spread of the rot and mold. In that case, a fascia replacement in Guelph can return the systems to good health. It is important to take ‘an ounce of prevention, pound of cure’ focus because the fascia will transfer wet the conditions to the soffit and it can create other problems. So a fascia installation in Guelph is an excellent preventative solution to the situation.


When there is damage to the eavestrough and the fascia, the soffit will experience the negative impact of those two problems. Water running over the fascia will create moist conditions and those conditions will create mold and wood rot that can affect the soffit. At that point a soffit repair in Guelph can halt the spread of the infection and act as antibiotic to the virus. The problem with the soffit is you never know how bad the damage is going to be until you peel back a section to see what is behind the curtain. If the damage has spread a soffit repair in Guelph may have to give way to a new soffit installation in Guelph to bring the soffit system back to where it needs to be. A soffit is the air return system for the attic and if it is moving moist air, dry wood structures like the decking and trusses will absorb the moisture and it will cause the roof to sag and that will create bigger repairs than just a new soffit installation in Guelph.

When roofing problems are affecting your home, we at AM Roofing Solutions will be there when you need us. We have three generations of experience and over 60 years serving communities all across Ontario when the need for our services arises. We can provide basic service for rain gutters repair in Guelph and when the need presents itself we can help with a rain gutters replacement in Guelph too.

Citizens of the Royal City know that no roofing problem is too big for our company to solve and when they have a problem they know we are here for them. For a no-obligation consultation and free estimatefor all your roofing needs call us today at 1.519.826.6969.

Eavestrough, Fascia & Soffit Installation and Repair in Guelph

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