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Eavestrough, fascia and soffit installation in Cambridge

The weather can be our friend or foe, when the sun shines and a cool breeze blows we can relax in the comfort of a warm summer’s day, but when the weather changes it can become a problem with Mother Nature’s fury on full display. The weather can affect anything it comes in contact with, the sun can fade paint on cars and houses, and while wind snow and rain can wreak all kinds of damage to our possessions. This causes problems for homeowners and the upkeep necessary to keep a home in pristine condition. When the weather causes problems with our homes, the most affected area is our roof. It bears the brunt of all the damage that occurs and it is important to keep an eye on our roofing systems. At AM Roofing Solutions we can help you monitor your roofing system and correct problems when damage happens. Looking at your roof you see shingles, but other facets of the roofing system come into play and it is important to maintain them. When problems start with drainage, debris in the eavestrough or other damage an eavestrough replacement in Cambridge might be just what is required to stop the problem dead in its tracks. When water has been allowed to spill over the rain gutter channel due to debris or other clutter in the gutter, it can damage the fascia and a fascia replacement in Cambridge can alleviate the problem and protect the roofing system. If the eavestrough and fascia has been damaged due to weather events, the soffit will surely have sustained damaged too and a soffit replacement in Cambridge will be necessary to compliment the new additions of rain gutters and fascia.



Working in group a roofing system and its components





The eavestrough is the bulwark of the roof’s drainage system; it takes water from the shingles and runs to the downspout and away from the house. The eavestrough is also a magnet for debris and leafs from trees that will accumulate in the channel and that causes blockage. The blockage interrupts the flow of water of stops it and the water then has to go someplace and it will spill over the channel. When this situation presents itself an eavestrough repair in Cambridge is quick and simple solution to remove the materials that have caused the water flow to slow or stop. When eavestrough have a debris buildup, it can cause the channel to become punctured or cracked and a small eavestrough repair in Cambridge can save the eavestrough, but if the damage is too great a new eavestrough installation may become the next step to securing your home. One of the biggest problems and eavestrough faces comes from within the attic due to poor attic insulation. What happens in the winter is the excessive heat from the attic causes snow on the roof to melt and run like a wave to the eavestrough, when the temperature drops later in the day it cause ice dams form at the eavestrough at the base of the shingles. The ice dam forces the eavestrough away from the fascia and that creates large gaps between the fascia and the eavestrough and water can run freely down the side of the house. A new eavestrough installation in Cambridge along with a top up of attic insulation will correct the problem and keep the eavestrough in good working order.




The fascia acts like a piece of trim around the edge of the roof and it seals the decking and the internal roofing components like the trusses and the insulation from exposure to weather. When there is damage tot the eavestrough the fascia can become jeopardized because water that was supposed to drain through the eavestrough spills over onto the fascia and prolonged exposure to water will cause wood rot and mold to form on the inside of the trim. A small fascia repair in Cambridge can go a long way to act as preventative maintenance for the rest of the roofing system. Providing the damage to the fascia is localized to one area a fascia repair in Cambridge will solve the problem in conjunction with a small repair to the rain gutter. But, if the damage has spread along the entire strip of the fascia a new fascia installation in Cambridge will be necessary to stop the infection of wood rot and mold from travelling to the other parts of the roofing system. If you notice a blistering on the fascia or water stains it is a bad sign that damage is deeper than first anticipated. If that is the case a new fascia installation in Cambridge should be administered right away and a close inspection of other components should be examined too to find out just how deep the damage has become.





The soffit is attached to the underside of the fascia that supports the rain gutters and it is susceptible to damage when the fascia and eavestrough are under pressure. Mold becomes a big problem for the soffit and a soffit repair in Cambridge can remove the damaged area, but it is hard to determine just how bad the damage maybe. When working on the soffit, a soffit repair in Cambridge could be of little use if the mold, wood rot and moisture has spread along the entire track and a new soffit installation in Cambridge maybe the only solution to prevent unseen damage from spreading throughout the roofing.


For over three generations, our company, AM Roofing Solutions, has installed quality-roofing solutions for problems that occur to the external components of your roofing system. The rain gutters are extremely important to your roofing system and to keep them in good condition is necessary for the overall health of the roofing system. When the gutters have been damaged or marred a rain gutter repair in Cambridge is the likely solution. If the problem is beyond a basic repair a new rain gutter replacement in Cambridge will add value to your roofing sytem due to the protective nature of the repair and its ability to extend the life of the other roofing components.

Residents in the Golden Triangle in Cambridge can reach out to us today for an in-home consultation and free inspection at 519.576.0555 

Eavestrough, fascia and soffit installation in Cambridge

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