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Eavestrough, fascia and soffit installation in Caledon

A homeowner must be forever vigilant to protect his or hers most important investment, their home. Constant care and scrutiny are necessary to keep your home in tip-top condition and prevent costly, unforeseen repairs from arising without notice. When it comes to a roofing system, most homeowners look and see their shingles are in good shape and think all is well, but not always. A roof is more than the sum of a single part the shingles and it is the ancillary parts of the roofing system that keep it working effectively. Our company, AM Roofing Solutions, is an industry leader in the roofing industry and we have extended services to help all of customers with support for the systems that keep a roof in good health. The eavestrough is the primary water mover that takes water away from the roofing system. If debris has clogged the channels it could create a spill over effect and cause water to drain down the side of the house. An eavestrough replacement in Caledon may be only way out of the tricky situation because water damage can cause wood rot and mold and that is the scourge of any roofing system. When the spill over effect is prevalent at the eavestrough, the water drains directly onto the fascia and over time the fascia will rot and a fascia replacement in Caledon will be the only solution to correct the problem. Attached to the fascia is the soffit that comes the underside of the fascia and works with the vents on the top of the roof to help with heat reduction in the attic. Hole in the soffit draw cool air from outside and the cool air forces warner air in the attic out the top of the vents. When the soffit isn’t drawing air from the outside or becomes infected with mold or wood rot a soffit replacement in Caledon will be the only solution that will restore your roof to good health.


How a roofing system works




The eavestrough is the primary driver of water away from the house and to the downspouts and in turn to the ground and away from the house. One of the biggest problems for an eavestrough is to keep clear of debris that causes a spill over effect and potential punctures to the channels. If punctures occur, an eavestrough repair in Caledon will be a quick and simple problem correction that will save untold amounts of money in future repairs when dealt with quickly. Another small problem that can cause big trouble is when the downspouts become dislodged from the eavestrough. To correct the problem a small eavestrough repair in Caledon to re-establish the link between eavestrough and downspout will help keep the water flowing as it was intended to. The single biggest problem an eavestrough faces doesn’t occur on the outside of the roof but on the inside. Inadequate attic insulation can create all kinds of problems but eh single biggest is unwanted heat leakage to the shingles. In the winter, unwanted heat vented through the shingles will cause excessive melting of snow on the roof. Water cascades to the eavestrough and drains, but when the sun sets in the sky and the temperatures drop, ice dams form at the edge of the fascia and the eavestrough. What the water solidifies it forces the eavestrough away from the fascia and then it is time for new eavestrough installation in Caledon to correct the problem. While an a new eavestrough installation in Caledon might be an unforeseen cost that sometimes can blow a family budget, it is certainly better than the alternative in terms of an entire roofing retrofit that can be in the thousands of dollars.




The fascia board is the connector between the eavestrough and the edge of the roof that protects the decking from water and moisture penetration. If the eavestrough is blocked with debris, a small fascia repair in Caledon when removing the blockage from the eavestrough maybe necessary due to potential water damage from the sill over effect that a blocked channel can create. If the damage is extensive to the fascia and a fascia repair in Caledon wont correct the problem, a new fascia installation in Caledon will work wonders restoring the fascia and eavestrough to good working order. If ice dams have rendered the fascia completely unsalvageable, a new fascia installation in Caledon may be the only choice a homeowner can make to prevent further erosion of the roofing system.




If the fascia and eavestrough are damaged, it is certain that the soffit will have sustained damage also. Water spilling over the eaves trough and onto the fascia will create a breeding ground for mold and wood rot to the soffit. Sometimes the damage is minor and a soffit repair in Caledon will be all it takes to effect correct the situation. But on closer inspection a soffit repair may not address the problem and a new soffit installation in Caledon becomes prevalent for the good health of the roof. If wood rot and mold are allowed to fester, it will spread like an infection to the to the other parts of the roof – like the decking and trusses – and the only antidote that will kill the infection is a new soffit installation in Caledon to bring the overall roof health back to good order.


At AM Roofing Solutions, we have been serving roofing interests for over 60 years with quality workmanship and expertise that is unsurpassed in out industry. Our clinical approach to rain gutter repair in Caledon is high regarded and when a rain gutter in replacement Caledon is required homeowners know whom to turn to.

When residents in the near north need work done on their roofing system they contact us at AM Roofing Solutions. To obtain a free inspection and consultation, call us today at 519.942.0799.

Eavestrough, fascia and soffit installation in Caledon


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