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Eavestrough, fascia and soffit installation in Burlington

When most people look at a roof all they see are the shingles, but a roof is made of more than just the shingles. It is an integrated system that is designed to do many things and if one component isn’t functioning, it puts stress on the other parts and that can cause costly repairs. When you notice problems on your roof, we at AM Roofing Solutions have all the answers to solve the thorny problems with quality products and expert techniques that are industry standard in the roofing business.

Some tell tale symptoms of roofing problems are water stains, leaks, and poor drainage that can be seen around the edge of the roof. When an eavestrough is clogged with debris it fails in its primary function of water drainage, it could cause a homeowner to have an eavestrough replacement in Burlington to get the system functioning at peak efficiency to prevent further roof damage from occurring. Working in tandem with the eavestrough is the fascia. The fascia is the border that wraps around the roof’s edge and is the seal for the inner roof that protects the decking and the interior. If water is spilling over the eavestrough and onto the fascia, over a long period of time the fascia will experience wood rot and a fascia replacement in Burlington is the only answer to keep the problem from spreading inside the attic. Underneath the fascia is the soffit, it is installed as a cold air return for the attic and it helps vent hot air from the attic to the vents. If the fascia is rotting due to water or moisture damage, the cancer that is water damage will infect he soffit and cause mold to infect the inner components and a soffit repair in Burlington is a necessary repair to make to stop the spread of the rot and mold.


Roofing components and how they integrate together




The roofing system fits together like a kid’s racecar track to move water from one area to another and the system regulates temperature for the attic. The eavestrough is the mover of water from the shingles to the downspout to the ground. One the biggest problems for an eavestrough is debris – once an eavestrough has blockage it cant release the water to the downspout and in turn away from eh foundation. If you have this problem an eavestrough repair in Burlington can adjust the situation and create better drainage. If the problem is bigger than just blockage, that has created leaks in the channels an eavestrough repair in Burlingtion may not suffice to solve the problem and an eavestrough installation could be the next course of action to be undertaken. One of the biggest problems that an eaves trough can experience in the winter is a lack of attic insulation in the attic. This creates a problem because the attic becomes extremely warm and shingles become warm and they cause snow to melt. As the water runs to the eavestrough it drains but when the temperature drops ice forms creating dams at the eavestrough that in turn push the eavestrough away from the fascia. When that happens, two things must be done, first new attic insulation and second an evaestrough installation in Burlington to renew the flow of water to the downspouts.




The fascia works as the edge protector for the decking and acts as a barrier for water penetrating the inner roof as a whole. When the eavestrough is malfunctioning it creates stress for the fascia. When the fascia is exposed to excess water it can create wood rot and mold that will travel through the rest of the roof and a fascia repair in Burlington may be an easy way to solve the problem. If the damage is more extensive than first though a fascia repair in Burlington may not be prudent and a new fascia installation could become a reality for the homeowner. When the rain gutters have been pushed away from the fascia due to ice dams, the damage to the fascia will be problematic and a new fascia installation in Burlington is the only way to correct the problem before it gets out of hand.




The soffits is on the underside of the fascia and its primary function is to send cool air through the attic and that in turns pushes warmer air to the ventitlation in the attic and out. That helps keep the shingles at a stable temperature that prevents premature degradation of the shingles. When the soffit is compromised, a soffit repair in Burlington will help get eh air flowing into the attic and bring down potential high temperatures in the attic. If the soffit has been damaged by water due to problems in the roofing system a soffit repair in Burlington may not be able to contain the problem and a new soffit installation may be required for the system as a whole. When conducting an inspection on the soffit, many times damage is undetectable until you can see the situation up close and when you do the damage is can be worse than anticipated creating a need for a new soffit installation in Burlington to stop potential rot from spreading.


We, at AM Roofing Solutions, have been correcting roofing problems for over 60 years and our wrap around service has been excellent for the homeowner who needs a potential rain gutter repair in Burlington or a rain gutter replacement in Burlington as preventative maintenance to stem problems before they become home renovation nightmares.

Residents at the gateway of the Greater of Toronto Area need advice, they can call us today for a free assessment and inspection at 1.877.281.6900.

Eavestrough, fascia and soffit installation in Burlington 

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