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Eavestrough, fascia and soffit installation in Brantford

The weather is a cruel mistress; she brings sunshine and weather events that can cause damage to many things. For our homes, the weather is an adversary to wrestle with to prevent devastation to our most prized possession. Weather and water can affect out roofing systems in ways we may not be aware of. Looking at our roofs, it shingles that cover the top of our house, but there is a lot more to a roofing system than just a shingle cover. To function properly, three vital components need to work in concert to effective deal with water and the intense gaze of he sun. The eavestrough is the primary drainage system fort your roofing system, it collects water from shingles and sends it to the downspout and away from the foundation. When the eavestrough isn’t working as required an eavestrough replacement in Brantford is a course of action that should be entered into to preserve the life of our roofing system. At AM Roofing Solutions we have a great deal of experience dealing with the components of a roofing system through our top down service that will help protect your home from the scourge of the weather. The fascia is attached to the edge of the roof and seals the decking from outside exposure and the eavestrough is affixed to it. If water isn’t draining or backing up it will run over the channel and down the fascia. When that happens over a long period of time, the fascia can be exposed to wood rot and that can spread into the decking and a fascia replacement in Brantford is the best way to repair the situation to keep rot from spreading. Underneath the fascia is the soffit and it acts as an air regulator for the inside of the roofing system working in conjunction with the vents to maintain relative temperature in your attic. If the soffit is experiencing water damage due to overflow from the rain gutters and exposure to moisture from the fascia, it will spread the moisture into the roof and that in turn will affect the decking. When that situation occurs, a soffit replacement in Brantford will stem the problem and will help maintain median temperatures in the attic.

The functions of the roofing system




An eavestrough is a collector of water, but it also collects debris that can cause blockage and create leaks in the channels through punctures. When debris builds up it causes water to overflow the channel and run down the side of the house, creating a whole host of new problems. If these problems persist an eavestrough repair in Brantford can quickly correct the problem and get the water flowing again. If there are holes in the eavestrough a slight patch may work as an eavestrough repair in Brantford too, but many times the eavestrough cant be saved and an eavestrough installation in Brantford maybe the only course of action available. If the attic insulation isn’t at an acceptable density, it will create problems for the evestrough. What happens is the attic temperature rises above freezing in the winter and creates a water runoff to the eavestrough, as the sun sets the water freezes and creates ice dams at the edge of the roof forcing the eavestrough away from the fascia and that creates a gap between the house and rain gutter leaving the side of the house open to water damage. In that instance a new eavestrough installation will be required as well as a top of attic insulation to prevent the problem from occurring again.




As mentioned ice dams are a vexing problem that creates other problems in and of themselves’. If the eavestrough is pushed away from the fascia, a fascia repair in Brantford might help solve the problem is the damage is limited. But if the damage is bigger than initially anticipated a fascia repair in Brantford may not be able to correct the problem. In that case, a new fascia installation in Brantford would be a path to follow that will put a stop to any degradation that has occurred. It is important to have a professional inspection when examining damaged fascia and it always better to err on the side of caution and have a new fascia installation in Brantford to save on future repairs that could crop up if the problem isn’t addressed adequately.




Soffits are a magnet for water if the fascia and the eavestrough aren’t working together to drain water away from roof and the house. As water runs over the channel and soaks the fascia, the soffit will absorb the excess moisture and wood rot is the next problem to deal with. It important to nip this problem in the bud because, in part because the soffit is in an obscure area of the roofing system and a soffit repair in Brantford can go a long way to preventing future damage to the roof. If the problem has been caught too late and a soffit repair in Brantford doesn’t stop the rot a soffit installation in Brantford is the next step to eliminating the problem. The importance of the soffit cant be stressed enough due to the nature of the work it performs for the roofing system, so any time you can have a new soffit installation in Brantford it is a good decision to make to save large repair bills later when many things are wrong with the roof as a whole.   


Our company, AM Roofing Solutions, has many years experience dealing with roofing problems and we highly recommend that you maintain your rain gutters as they are extremely important to your roofing system. A simple rain gutter repair in Brantford can correct small problems and prevent them from becoming ones. If you get the to gutters too late and you find that rain gutter replacement is necessary, we will provide all the materials and high degree of quality in workmanship to restore your gutters to good working order.

Telephone City residents who need require eavestrough, fascia or soffit work can call AM Roofing Solutions today to obtain a free consultation and inspection at 1.877.281.6900.

Eavestrough, fascia and soffit installation in Brantford


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