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Attic Insulation in Waterloo

Heating and cooling bills have become the elephant in the room for many homeowners who are faced with soaring costs with little or no relief on the horizon. Many are using ingenuity to overcome the cost increases with a big assist from technology. Some of the techno fixes come with high costs to achieve energy savings down the road – and for many homeowners that is a millstone they cant bare.

The best home renovation plan that returns savings the fastest to combat high-energy costs is attic insulation in Waterloo. Energy conservation and energy efficiency are top-of-mind issues for homeowners and new attic insulation in Waterloo will satisfy both goals. Experts is the field of energy use have issued a clarion call that inadequate insulation in our homes is the number one cause of heat loss. Most studies have indicated that heat loss accounts for a loss of 40 per cent of a home’s heating bill and new attic insulation in Waterloo can stop the problem dead in its’ tracks.  

Any upgrade for your home comes with costs, but installation of new attic insulation in Waterloo comes with a reasonable front-end cost and provides significant savings down the line.

The savings that be achieved through new attic insulation in Waterloo can be in the neighbourhood of 20-30 per cent per year and that is a savings that runs yearly. The price of new attic insulation in Waterloo can be recovered in a period of 12-18 months and the installation is it requires no energy to fulfill its’ mandate.

When you need advice to help make a decision for attic insulation in Waterloo, consult us the experts in the field of insulation, AM Roofing Saving money has never been so easy as when you install attic insulation in Waterloo.

Attic insulation in Waterloo, making a solid decision

  • Think for a second, adding a few hundred or a thousand dollars a year to your household income without the benefit of a raise or a second job, what would that be like? Most would say good and many more would say great, and the benefit can be had when you install new attic insulation in Waterloo.
  • The only way to obtain optimal energy efficiency is through the professional installation of new attic insulation in Waterloo by a certified installer. A certified installer will be well aware of all the nuances involved in the process and his experience will have a positive impact on your attic retrofit
  • In order to protect other areas of the roofing system and gain the benefit of a warranty on shingles a professional installation for insulation is paramount to accessing the benefits. Shingles fry when too much heat from the home vents through the attic to the decking and out. When a professional installs new insulation, it will be spread evenly to prevent any leakage or breaks in the spread of the insulation. When the insulation is distributed as prescribed it will trigger the activation of the warranty on the shingles. A shingle warranty is nothing to take lightly – some are 50 years – and shingle warranties can be transferred when a home is sold.
  • Recent changes to the building code by the government of Ontario have called for more insulation to be installed during any retrofit to blunt the effect of greenhouse gases that cause climate change. Beefing up the minimum to an R-20 density rating will help stop the heat leaks and in turn reduce fossil fuel use and in essence lower the emissions province-wide. If you have questions like: will where I live make a difference in the amount of insulation, what about how I live and what about the weather in my area, how will these factors affect me?We can answer all those questions and more when you consult us, and if, after the consultation you choose to add more insulation the savings will outweigh the costs of the extra insulation.
  • Before we install your new attic insulation, we will need to take out the old product first. Insulation can settle over time and lose its’ effectiveness because the air pockets that provide the insulation have leveled out and are no longer providing insulation. We get rid of the old insulation through a vacuuming process and once it is gone we can install the blown in, loose fill, fiberglass insulation. Depending on the size of the attic the process can take three to four hours to complete with no inconvenience to the homeowner.

There is a reason brand recognition drives sales, it is because the brand has provided quality products and built a solid reputation around it. That is why we use Owens Corning EcoTouch Pink insulation for our attic retrofits. It is the best at holding its’ R-value, it is the most widely-used and has the most recycled fibres at 73 per cent.

Owens Corning has recognized our brand reputation for all the good work we are doing in the roofing and insulation business and they have awarded us with a prestigious certification. We have been certified as Platinum Preferred Contractor for their products and that certification is Canada-wide and the only one of its’ kind in our country.

At AM Roofing Solutions, we have been servicing the roofing insulation industry for well over 60 years and the keys to our success are simple. We provide quality in all our work and we are dedicated to providing excellence in every task we take on.

In the Golden Triangle, Waterloo inhabitants contact us when they have roofing or insulation problems that need solutions. A no cost home inspection and estimate are waiting for you when you today at 1.519.576.0555.  

Attic Insulation in Waterloo

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