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Attic Insulation in St. Jacobs

Our environment is our most precious possession, and we need to protect it against the threats our modern lives pose. The need for moderation and conservation has never been so important due to the effect of greenhouse gases and how they drive climate change. To reduce the consumption of fossil fuels that heat and cool our homes, attic insulation in St. Jacobs is one the best methods available for any homeowner who doesn’t want to shell big bucks to re-engineer their homes. Academic studies in the area of energy conservation peg attic insulation in St. Jacobs as one of the best projects a homeowner can assume to reduce waste. The academics say 40 per cent of all heat loss is through the attic and new attic insulation in St. Jacobs will stop the problem. The academics tell us that a financial gain is available for anyone who installs attic insulation in St. Jacobs. Because most homes have poor insulation or none at all, the new attic insulation will cut heating bills by a whopping 30 per cent every year and the savings will amount to a pretty significant savings over time.

Our company, AM Roofing Solutions, has a long history creating energy efficient plans for homeowners’ in the area of attic insulation in St. Jacobs and we have a solution for every home that will achieve energy conservation goals.

Attic insulation in St. Jacobs, doing more with less

  • New attic insulation in St. Jacobs’s has the potential to create thousands in saving for any home over time. It returns the investment made in your home in a year or two and the savings are there year after year.
  • Attic insulation in St. Jacobs is best installed by a professional contractor, a contractor that who a record of successfully installing attic insulation in St. Jacobs. Experience and ability should be the conditions for evaluating potential contractors and a reference or two wouldn’t hurt the decision-making process too.
  • Using a professional to install for your attic insulation in St. Jacobs is an incentive-laden proposition. What hangs in the balance is a warranty that comes with the shingles and it is contingent on a professional to complete the work. The warranty – 50-years all told, depending on the product – creates a level of security for the homeowner and the warranty can be moved to a new owner through when the house is sold as long as the warranty is active.
  • In Ontario, the government is a making a push to reduce fossil fuel consumption and changes to the building code should help with goal attainment. Changes to the building code mean that any retrofits performed by a certified contractor must have a floor of R-60 insulation density. We have apprised many homeowners on the virtues of adequate insulation and if you want more than we recommend for your home it is always the right decision. Details like the house size; climate and lifestyle will be details we consider when we make any recommendations to you that will provide flexibility based on your needs.
  • Before any of the benefits can be realized with new insulation, it has to be installed first. One thing that could hamper the work is old insulation and that needs to be vacuumed out before new blown in, loose fill fibreglass insulation is spread across your attic.

Many companies make attic insulation but none can match the industry leader, Owens Corning. Owens Corning discovered fiberglass over 70 years ago and have refined it to be the point where it has no peer in insulation. The EcoTouch Pink insulation is resilient and it holds the R-value well, and the biggest advantage it holds over its competitors it is made up with a large amount of recycled fibres – 73-per cent worth.   

When you are a Platinum Preferred Contractor for Owens Corning products, you know that you have arrived in the roofing business so to speak. We are the only Canadian roofing and insulation contractor to hold the certification and it is an honour no one else can claim.

When you set out in a trades-based business, longevity is everything, it cements your reputation as company that not only knows what they are doing, they do it well. After 60 or so years and three generations, our company has carved more than a niche in the roofing and insulation business.

In Mennonite Country, St. Jacobs’ residents can contact us, at AM Roofing Solutions, to address any problems they have with insulation or their roofing systems. We can schedule a free information session and inspection when you call today at 1.877.281.6900.

Attic Insulation in St. Jacobs

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