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Attic Insulation in Palmerston

As a society we all take our communal responsibilities seriously to leave our world a better place than when we found it. We recycle; we use timers and we have traded that gas-guzzler for something a little more practical. All good ides to help do our part, but we must reduce our greenhouse gas emissions to stop global warming. Projects of all sorts dot the landscape promising just that, help for the environment. The best project a homeowner can assume is new attic insulation in Palmerston as a means of emissions reductions. Heat leakage is the number one cause of energy waste in a home and the attic is like the smoke stack for those emissions. Over 40 per cent of a home’s heat loss is through the roof and new attic insulation in Palmerston will stop the problem cold. Experts have concluded that the heat loss is directly relatedly to little and or no attic insulation in Palmerston and that is where the problem lies. When you upgrade your current amount of attic insulation with new attic insulation in Palmerston, you can save 20-30 per cent on your home heating bill yearly, and those savings will compound year after year. The cost of new attic insulation in Palmerston can be returned tot eh homeowner in 12-18 months – and that is contingent on your current energy needs.

At AM Roofing, we have been crafting plans for energy efficiency through attic insulation in Palmerston for years and we have all the expertise to provide a comprehensive plan to help you achieve energy efficiency through new attic insulation in Palmerston.

Attic insulation in Palmerston, a wise choice

  • To think about improving your energy efficiency, attic insulation in Palmerston is probably the last thing we think of but it has huge potential. The savings aren’t anything to sneeze at as it can be in the thousands of hard earned dollars that will be returned to your household budget year after year.
  • For work of the importance that attic insulation in Palmerston is, you need a professional, certified contractor to provide the work. This is paramount to successful completion of the installation. A professional has all the experience and expertise to bring the project to completion that will provide the energy efficiency you seek when you have the upgrade administered by a professional.
  • When you use a certified professional contractor it will bring two things to the table that you may not be aware of. First, a professional installation will provide for an effective application of the material in the attic and that reduces heat venting to the roof. This is important because it protects the shingles – heat can be the death of shingles because they aren’t made to withstand too much heat. When they are put under the pressure of too much heat they will be damaged too soon and that puts the entire roofing system at risk. Also, a professional installation will create conditions for any warranties – some 50-years long – to come into force. The professional will be able to install the insulation in the attic that will stop all heat leakage to the shingles ands preserve the life of the roof as a whole. The warranty that becomes valid with a professional installation is an asset that can be transferred if the home is sold during the warranty period.
  • Meeting climate change goals in Ontario has come with changes to many regulations and laws designed to increase the overall health of our environment. One of the changes affects the building code and requires an increase of insulation density in any retrofit provided by a certified contractor. R-60 is the new density rating but that is just a start for attic insulation density as there are the factors that will effect your decision. House size, lifestyle choices, and climate in your region will have a direct affect on any decisions that are made. We can demonstrate a number of different ways to meet your energy conservation goals with insulation and if you want to add more insulation – it can never hurt because the savings are there for the taking.
  • If your attic has no insulation in it – your installation becomes simple and will be done quickly. If you have material in the attic it will need to be taken out before we start. A vacuum will draw off the old materials, leaving a clean work environment before we install the blown, loose fill, fiberglass insulation.

In the insulation business, there is Owens Corning and everyone else. We have chosen to use their EcoTouch Pink insulation for all our work for all the right reasons. They product stands head and shoulders above the rest – it the highest sold product available, olds its R-value for a great deal of time and is made from 73 per cent recycled glass materials. Corning created fiberglass in the 1930’s and has developed it into the product it is today.

Owens Corning is a behemoth in the roofing and insulation supply business and they speak the industry listens. They have certified our company with their Platinum Preferred Contractor status, because we have consistently provided stellar service for all our customers.

Over time – 60 years – our company has set the standard in the roofing business and our foundation is built on three-generations of effort and dedication to quality work that is key to our success.

In the northern part of Wellington County, the village Palmerston has thrived for over 150 years, and when they need work done on their roofs or in their attics, AM Roofing Solutions is their first point of contact. To make arrangements for a consultation for your situation, call today for a free estimate and inspection at 1.877.281.6900.

Attic Insulation in Palmerston

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