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Attic Insulation in Mt. Forest

The quickest way to reduce high-energy costs can be found in the addition of new attic insulation in Mt. Forest. Many home in Ontario lack sufficient attic insulation, and that situation is untenable due the costs and the damage to the environment. Burning excess fossil fuels to heat our home because we have poor attic insulation in Mt. Forest is the biggest cause of greenhouse gases that are forcing climate change.

Over the years, experts in the field of energy conservation have told us repeatedly that our homes’ lose 40 per cent of their heat through the roof. And poor attic insulation in Mt. Forest is the cause of the predicament.

Installing new attic insulation in Mt. Forest has dividends built in when you make the transition to a more energy efficient home. Conservative estimates have determined the cost savings to be in the 20-30 per cent range when you upgrade attic with new attic insulation in Mt. Forest. The initial cost borne by the consumer can be made up over the first 12-18 months after your attic retrofit with new attic insulation in Mt. Forest, depending on personal energy use. The best part of those savings is they roll over, year after year and they require no new energy sources to achieve the savings, an intangible benefit for the environment.

Our company, AM Roofing Ltd., has been supplying energy efficient solutions to our customers over many years through the installation of new attic insulation in Mt. Forest as way to reduce their fossil fuel consumption via conservation.

Attic insulation in Mt. Forest, clearing the air one house at a time

  • New attic insulation in Mt. Forest has the potential to add thousands of dollars to a homeowner’s household bottom line. Conservation that creates a reduction in use of fossil fuels demonstrates financial prudence and a sound investment strategy for your home. The reduction in greenhouse gases will reduce your home’s carbon footprint and help remediate the atmosphere for cleaner air for all.
  • Installing new attic insulation in Mt. Forest isn’t work for the unqualified. DIY videos and home improvement TV programs don’t get into all the details of an installation and many times problems can be encountered that only a certified professional will be able to solve.
  • Using a certified professional for attic insulation installation creates a situation for a couple of added benefits to be available to any homeowner. First off, shingle warranties are very important to the roofing system because they act as an insurance policy for your home. To make the warranty active, a certified professional must install the insulation due to the complex nature that installation is. Also, to protect the shingles from excess heat the insulation must be strategically placed across the attic. The excess heat leaks through the decking to the shingles it will sear the shingles and reduce their life span and their ability to move water. When the installation has been completed by a professional and the warranty is activated – it can be up to 50-years long depending on the product you purchase – and it can be given to a new owner should you sell your home during he warranty period.
  • Municipal and provincial governments across Canada have been drafting legislation and regulations to help with combat climate change. In Ontario, the government is using the building code to assist in the fight through amendments that will affect attic retrofits. The government has decreed that a floor for minimum density for attic insulation be set at R-60 for all retrofits performed by professional contractors. While many applaud the initiative, it just a start that comes with some fine print. A home’s size, energy use by the occupants and temperatures where the house is located are all factors that can influence a decision. We can help you with your through with our expertise and advice when dealing with the vagaries of the process. If, after a consultation you feel you would like to add more insulation than we recommend, the more the better as it will increase your energy cost savings.
  • When we install new blown in, loose fill, fibreglass insulation, it is necessary to have a clean area to work in. If there are remnants of previous insulation, we remove it with a vacuum and the process is as quiet as it is clean and when combined with the installation it takes approximately three hours depending the area to be insulated.   

Every roofing and insulation company has a preferred product that they use for insulation and we are no different. Owens Corning is our product of choice for all our work for number of different reasons. It holds its R-value, has a high concentration of recycled material – 73 per cent, highest in the industry – and Owens Corning discovered and developed fiberglass insulation in the 1930’s. Their EcoTouch Pink insulation is the most widely used insulation product in the business and after 70 years of making insulation their popularity tells you they are doing something right.

In business relationships are everything and we share a strong bond with Owens Corning due to the time we have worked with and through a certification they have awarded us though our relationship. In Canada, there is only one Platinum Preferred Contractor for Owens Corning products and it us at AM Roofing Solutions

We earned the certification over the last 60 years providing quality-workmanship and a dedication to excellence our competitors just can’t match. Also, we have been extremely fortunate to say we have continuity over that time as three generations of family have worked in different capacities in the company.

On the Saugeen River, community members of Mt. Forest will instinctively contact us at AM Roofing Solutions to address all their roofing and insulation needs. Make an appointment for a no cost meeting, and free home inspection today when you call 1.877.281.6900.

Attic Insulation in Mt. Forest

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