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Attic Insulation in Minto

One of the lessons parents teach their children is to leave the world a better place than the one they found. In the area of environmental stewardship, parents can set examples though choices of vehicles, lifestyle choices and the simple act of recycling sets an example that is re-enforced weekly. Upgrading your attic insulation in Minto is another example that our kids can learn from because it provides a level of social awareness that will govern energy use and conservation. There is a big problem in many communities, and that is a lack of attic insulation in Minto. The lack of attic insulation in Minto is contributing to greenhouse gas emissions. Many homes have inadequate or have no insulation that form the basis of unintended consequences of climate change. Heat release through the home, the attic specifically, is 40 per cent of all heat use in a home. Four tenths of your home heating bill is going up in smoke through your roof due to poor attic insulation in Minto and that creates excess greenhouse gases that are the driver of climate change. For responsible energy sue and conservation the installation of new attic insulation in Minto can reduce consumption and create efficiency through completion of the project. When you add new attic insulation in Minto you can expect financial benefits to follow. Experts have told us about heat loss and they also advise that a return on investment is available when new attic insulation is Minto is installed. A homeowner can save 20-30 per cent in energy costs with new attic insulation in Minto and those savings run into perpetuity.

At AM Roofing Solutions, we have many years educating consumers on the benefits of energy conservation through with new attic insulation in Minto and it isn’t rocket science.

Attic insulation in Minto, saving the planet one house at a time

  • Keeping your head earned dollars has never been as easy as when you retrofit your attic with insulation. Thousands of dollars are at stake over the time you live in your home and that can be the tipping point when you look at an upgrade for your home.
  • To achieve the greatest cost savings, a professional contractor is a choice that should go with without saying. A contractor with a track record in the installation of attic insulation has experience and results that can be vetted for veracity before you use them to help make an informed decision.
  • Expertise and ability are but two elements that come to the fore when you use a professional. Other aspects of using a certified contractor come to light – first and foremost is an even distribution of insulation that prevents heat leakage to the shingles. That is important for two reasons: first it stops early degradation of the shingles and second, the warranty that comes with the shingles is – up to 50-years depending on product purchase. The warranty can be moved to a new homeowner should you sell your house during the warranty term.
  • The war against climate change has many allies, and our provincial government has demonstrated a strong commitment to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. They have updated the building code to reflect that commitment with new regulations that call for a bare minimum of insulation density for any retrofit. The new regulations demand that R-60 density be present in all new attic retrofits to help reduce fuel consumption. There are some things to take into consideration before you make the move to energy conservation. Home size, the temperatures in the area you live in and your energy use in the home will have an impact on your choice. Our consultants have many years providing detailed advice to our customers and to add more insulation than we recommend is always a good decision for the environment.
  • When engaging in any type of upgrade, whatever old materials are present are obstacles to the new upgrades and they must be taken out to allow the new project to flourish to conclusion. Before we can install insulation in your attic, we need to take out any insulation that may be present at the time. It is relatively easy work with a vacuum and once the area is clean, the new blown in, loose fill, fiberglass insulation is added to your attic.

We have chosen Owen Corning as our insulation supplier due to the superior quality of the product. It is made with 73-per-cent recycled glass, it will hold its’ R-value longer than the competition and is the top selling insulation across the country. Owens Corning was responsible for the invention and development of fiberglass insulation 70 years ago.

We have been working with Owens Corning for many years and our affiliation has created a strong business relationship. The bond is so strong that they have certified our company as their only Canadian Platinum Preferred Contractor for all their materials.

AM Roofing Solutions is a family business first and foremost where we put excellence and quality before all else. Our work ethic has served us well for 60 years and three generations of commitment have borne this out.

The community of Minto takes its’ name from the eighth Governor General of Canada, the Earl of Minto. When the royalty of Minto known as the residents of Minto need roofing and insulation we at AM Roofing Solutions provide the royal treatment. We are available to be reached at 1.877.282.6900, call us today for your free inspection and consultation.

Attic Insulation in Minto

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