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Attic Insulation in Milton

Technology has brought many innovations to market that are consumer driven, cars that consume less fuel, light bulbs that consume less energy and last longer and appliances that use less energy to do the same work have entered the marketplace and made a difference in energy consumption. When we look at our homes for cost savings there are a number of different areas we can economize. Timers for our lights, high-efficiency furnaces and water heaters and window upgrades all come to mind. But window replacements are slow a return on the investment you make in them due to the high cost and slow return the high cost represents. To get the most out of your energy conservation investment, attic insulation in Milton will produce savings the fastest for a fraction of the cost of new windows. Let the experts at AM Roofing Solutions demonstrate how attic insulation in Milton can reduce your energy consumption with an attic retrofit for your home. Studies have been released that show a home’s attic is the number one source of heat loos – in some cases up to 40 per cent of a home’s heating bill can be attributed to heat loss. After you have contacted and booked a consultation for the current state of your attic insulation in Milton, we will examine all facets of your attic insulation. The first step will take along the road to your successful retrofit is an examination of the vapour and moisture barriers. It is import that they sealed air and moisture tight, otherwise the attic insulation won’t be able to do its job, which is to provide a blanket seal between the roof and the attic. When we have completed the assessment of the barriers, our next step is to blown-in loose fill insulation to completely seal off your attic from outside temperatures. The last step in your retrofit is the installation of a soffit. The soffit might seem like an afterthought, but it plays an important role to overall health of the roofing system. The soffit will vent excess heat that accumulates in the attic. If it vents through the roof to the shingles it will reduce the longevity of the roofing through damage to the shingles. When you think in terms of energy conservation, your first call should be to the experts in the field at AM Roofing Solutions. Let us show you how proper insulation in Milton can pay off in places that you may not expect.

Major benefits of attic insulation in Milton

  • Peak energy efficiency is an elusive goal to be sure, but when you install adequate attic insulation in Milton you are well on the way to attaining that goal. Experts’ have told us that heat loss through the attic can cost upwards of hundreds of dollars a year in extra utility costs if not promptly dealt with.
  • For experts in field of attic insulation like us at AM Roofing Solutions, our experience and in-depth knowledge of all thing attic insulation provide us with the ability to install an effective solution that will protect your roofing system.
  • Using a certified professional to install your attic insulation in Milton should go without saying. You don’t want your dentist repairing your car, so why would you use someone who is unqualified to do the work that is required when you need attic insulation in Milton. A huge benefit to a professional installation for your attic insulation in Milton is the shingle warranty. Shingles warranties are highly prized advantages for a homeowner; they can last as long as 50 years and they become a value-added feature when you are selling your home, as the warranties are transferable.
  • The Ontario building code has been amended in the area of attic insulation in new construction and attic retrofits. The government requires a minimum of R-50 value for insulation in your attic and that translates into about 15cms of loose fill insulation. But, that is only the floor for attic insulation. Other considerations you need to acknowledge is the size of your home and regional temperatures when purchasing insulation. If you are unsure just how much insulation to purchase, let your friends at AM Roofing Solutions help with decision-making process.
  • Before we can install your attic insulation in Milton, we will need to remove any old stock insulation that may be present. In the past that was difficult and a time-consuming endeavor. But, our state-of-the-art equipment has afforded us the ability to draw the old insulation out quickly with limited or no disruption to the home’s occupants.

When we come to your home to retrofit your attic with new insulation, you can be secure in the knowledge that will use only the best product for your home. Owens Corning Ecotouch pink insulation is only choice for attic insulation because it is the best money can buy and the standard by which every other insulation company is compared to. Owens Corning has over 70 years experience bringing quality-roofing materials to the market and their reputation is well known across the continent. Our association with Owens Corning has been a long and fruitful relationship, through that association we have received a prestigious designation from Owens Corning,. They have awarded us with Preferred Contractor status for our reputation for quality workmanship and expertise in the field of all things roofing.

If and when you need a roofing solution, the cost should be secondary to what the solution will provide when dealing with a roofing problem.

When the northwest corner of the Greater Toronto Area needs attic insulation in Milton, they call us at AM Roofing Solutions. For a no obligation consultation and free estimate contact us today at 1.877.289.6900.

Attic Insulation in Milton

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