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Attic Insulation in Harriston

The environment is on everybody’s mind, specifically climate change as it affects the air we breathe and many are attempting to reverse the impact of climate change through energy conservation. A sure-fire project for energy conservation that will reduce your greenhouse gas emissions at home is new attic insulation in Harriston. Over time, many academics who study energy use have emphatically stated that home is losing 40 per cent of all its heat through poor or no attic insulation in Harriston. Greenhouse gases come from the burning of fossil fuels to heat and cool our homes and the reduction in emissions can be achieved with new attic insulation in Harriston. The same academics tell us that there is a level of financial relief if we were to install new attic insulation in Harriston. As much as 30 per cent can be saved on a yearly basis when new attic insulation is installed in Harriston, and that estimate is conservative in nature. It doesn’t account for any other conservation efforts a homeowner is making, and that affects the return on investment. New attic insulation in Harriston comes with costs that should be viewed as an investment in your financial and environmental future. Cleaner air and pocketbook savings in less than two years are the byproducts of new attic insulation in Harriston and that is almost unheard of for the speed of the return. 

As a roofing and insulation company, we at AM Roofing Solutions can be considered your personal green consultant when you make the move to energy efficiency through new attic insulation in Harriston. We have provided advice to many over the years that has allowed them to become free of high-cost energy bills while enjoying an eco-friendly position in the process

Attic insulation in Harriston, it is easy being green

  • Attic insulation in Harriston returns thousands of dollars over time and it is a green project that any homeowner can be proud of. It requires no extra energy consumption and the savings are compounded year over year that can finance other projects to mitigate energy use.
  • When you decide to make the investment in your energy efficiency, take the time to hire a certified contractor for the work. The installer will have all the tools and the knowledge to make the project and energy-efficient reality that will satisfy all your energy-conservation goals.
  • If you had a choice to have a warranty of up to 50-years on shingles through a professional installation of insulation and savings a few bucks using an unqualified installer what would you do?
  • Use the professional would be the long and short of it for most people. When you do chose the professional, the shingles will protected from heat emissions from the home and that will protect the shingles because they weren’t made to withstand too much heat. Of note, the warranty can be ‘sold’ with your home as it transferrable at no cost to the purchaser.
  • Changes to the building code in Ontario could be considered ‘clearing the air,’ where attic insulation is concerned. The government has dictated changes that amount to a floor for insulation density and it is set at R-60. The change will slow the release of heat from your home, reduce your fuel consumption and produce savings when you have attic retrofitted with new insulation. Our company can set a path to match your conservation goals and if you think more is better we can accommodate you desires for energy efficiency through new insulation.
  • For any retrofit to be successful any old insulation needs to taken out of the attic for the new insulation to do its job. We take the old insulation out with a vacuum and when the surface is clear we can install the blown in, loose fill, fibreglass insulation.

Life is about choices and to make the best choice for attic insulation involves one company, Owens Corning. Owens Corning discovered fiberglass in the 1930’s and have since refined the product to be the industry leader in insulation. With 73-per-cent recycled glass, it is by far the greenest, it holds its’ R-value longer than other product and it is biggest seller in North America for attic insulation.

We have worked with Owens Corning for many years and through our association with them we have demonstrated we are a quality roofing and insulation company. They have certified our company with the only Canadian designation that is the Platinum Preferred Contractor certification and in out industry it the equivalent of the Medal of Honour.

Six decades and three generations later, we continue to provide stellar service based on dedication to quality work and excellence one roof and attic at a time.

Located at the headwaters of the Maitland River, Harriston residents can contact us at AM Roofing Solutions when they are contemplating roofing work or attic insulation. Call us today at 1.877.281.6900 and we will come to your home for a free inspection and consultation for attic and roofing needs.

Attic Insulation in Harriston

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