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Attic Insulation in Georgetown

To save money and improve your home energy efficiency, home renovations have become a means to an end to mitigate climate change through the burning of excess fossil fuels. Many upgrades come with big price tags and many projects are viewed as cost prohibitive due to the nature of the outlay and the recovery time involved.

For homeowners seeking a cost effective plan that returns savings quickly, new attic insulation in Georgetown represents the best results when stacked up against others.

Less than adequate attic insulation in Georgetown causes home’s heating and cooling bills to skyrocket because you are burning money and it is going right through the roof. Major studies that determine energy use and conservation have consistently demonstrated that 40 per cent all heat loss is through the attic due to no or poor attic insulation in Georgetown.

New attic insulation in Georgetown will provide your home with a level of energy efficiency that it has never known and relieve a homeowner from onerous energy bills.

New attic insulation in Georgetown can be installed economically and the costs can be returned in 12-18 months that produce a savings of 20-30 per cent on any home heating and cooling bills when new attic insulation in Georgetown is used to reduce your carbon footprint.

Our company, AM Roofing Solutions, has many years experience guiding homeowners down the path to energy efficiency through new attic insulation in Georgetown.

Attic insulation in Georgetown, now is the time

  • No one can forgo thousands in savings that new attic insulation can provide, it the easiest program to engage in and the returns on the investment will create a windfall for the homeowner. An added benefit is the reduction of fossil fuel use that will help rehabilitate the atmosphere and produce cleaner air for all.
  • A project like new attic insulation in Georgetown should be left to those who have experience and are certified. A professional contractor with a track record of installing attic insulation should be the first and only choice for any installation of attic insulation.
  • Two unlikely benefits come to the surface when you use a professional contractor for your attic insulation installation. One is a spin-off, a warranty for your shingles. When a certified contractor installs attic insulation, it means that the insulation has been spread evenly throughout the attic preventing and heat leakage to the shingles. This is important because shingles aren’t designed to absorb high levels of heat and when they do they ‘fry.’ If an uncertified contractor installs the insulation the warranty is void and that could 50-years worth of shingle protection you are losing by using someone who isn’t qualified to do the work. The best part of the warranty is it can be titled to the new owner upon sale of your home, provided it takes place during he warranty schedule.
  • A major shift in our government’s approach to greenhouse gases has prompted the Ontario government to change the building to reflect its’ commitment to reduce emissions. For any new attic insulation retrofit, the government building code decrees that a base of insulation that equals the density of R-60 be present in all retrofits. The regulatory change is a welcome one, but it is just the beginning when making decisions on your personal situation. Other avenues to go down with regard to new insulation include a home’s size, temperatures in your area and the lifestyle you maintain in your home that will have an influence on any decision you take. We can help you create a plan that is personalized to your situation and if after the consultation you seek to add more insulation, it is never a bad decision because the savings will outpace the costs in the long run.
  • Attic insulation is the cornerstone of energy efficiency and when we arrive at your home to install the insulation we will take out the old stock if there is any. The process isn’t complicated and involves a vacuum a lot like the one in your home, except it has more power. Once there is a clean area, we can install the blown in, loose fill, fibreglass insulation to create a cozy castle for all the inhabitants.

The only loose fibreglass insulation we use comes from Owens Corning, EcoTouch Pink insulation. Ecotouch Pink insulation is the standard that all others are measured against, it hold its’ R-value, is made up of 73 per cent recycled glass and was invented by Owens Corning 70 years ago.

Working in tandem with Owens Corning for many years, our company has grown in esteem with them. They have designated us with their certification as Platinum Preferred Contractor, a certification that is unique to Canada.

In the past 60 years our company has been in business we have demonstrated our commitment to quality and drive to be the best in all we do and it is reflected in our work.

Georgetown is located on the banks of the Credit River and when they contact us at AM Roofing Solutions for insulation or roofing work, they know they won’t be sold down the river. To schedule a personal consultation that comes with a free estimate and inspection call the office today at 1.877.281.6900.

Attic Insulation in Georgetown

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