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Attic Insulation in Fergus

We all want a bang for our buck, no matter where we spend it or what we spend it on. When we spend money for home improvements the need for the ‘bang’ is acute due to the size of the investment required to make a dream a reality. Nowadays, homeowners are using home improvement projects to save money on the costs of running a home. For a bang that will echo for years and years, new attic insulation in Fergus is the best project to assume for many reasons.

If you have poor attic insulation in Fergus or no attic insulation in Fergus, your money is going through the roof. A lack of attic insulation in Fergus will allow heated air leak through the decking and out of the house though the shingles.

Major studies in the field of energy conservation have studied thermal heat loss and 40 per cent of all home heat loss is directly tied to a lack of sufficient attic insulation in Fergus.

To prevent this problem from compounding financially, a retrofit of new attic insulation in Fergus can return money to you household budget. The same experts who studied heat loss advise that savings of 20-30 per cent can be attained though new attic insulation in Fergus. The sunk cost to have the work done will be retuned in 12-18 months after your attic insulation in Fergus is installed and it comes with a hidden benefit. In order to do its work, attic insulation in Fergus doesn’t need any energy to power it and that means a reduction in consumption of fossil fuels though conservation improves air quality, something we all want.

Also, the savings carry forward over every year, and that can be a financial windfall over time and demonstrates environmental stewardship through the recognition of responsibilities for the energy you use at home.

Our company, AM Roofing Solutions, has been working with the residents of Fergus to help them reduce their carbon footprint with new attic insulation and our expertise is time honoured.

Attic insulation in Fergus, facts and benefits

  • When thousands of dollars are at stake, everyone pays attention, especially when those dollars come from savings through an attic retrofit. Over time the sum represents a significant cash infusion for any homeowner and it is no-brainer when you think in terms of how new insulation will benefit you.
  • Installing attic insulation isn’t splitting atoms, but is does come with complications when an inexperienced hand tries to save a buck through a DIY endeavour. Details can missed that will cause the installation to less than perfect and that will impact the savings and the energy use if a certified professional doesn’t install it.
  • When heat escapes the home the shingles pay the price – heat searing is a common problem for an under insulated attic and it affects the shingle warranty. When a certified professional spreads attic insualtion thoroughly and evenly it provides a blanket of protection and triggers any warranties that come with any shingle purchase. Warranties can run for up to 50 years, and if you sell your home during the warranty period, the new owner can assume title to it.
  • Making a commitment to reversing the effects of climate change has caused governments far and wide to re-think their position when it comes to building codes and how they can be used in the fight. In Ontario, the building coded has been change to reflect a commitment to reduce fossil fuels through the initiation of a new minimum for attic insulation density. The new regulation requires certified contractor to install at least R-60 insulation density in any retrofit they perform. Certainly a move in the right direction but there is more to it than that. Home sizes vary as will the amount of insulation that will be used; energy use is also part of the equation as is the temperatures where you live. When contemplating the right amount of insulation lets us show you the way to the right decision, and after our consultation you want to add more insulation that is always beneficial to your goals for conservation.
  • Before we can start installing the new blown in, loose fill, fiberglass insulation we have to see what is there first. Generally, whatever product was installed is obsolete and has lost its R-value due to settling. A quick vacuum job and the attic is ready for the loose fill installation and the process start to finish is three to four hour depending the area to be insulated.

For the insulation we have chosen for all our work, it comes from the industry leader in insulation and roofing products, Owens Corning. Owens Corning has been make insulation for the past 70 years, and their EcoTouch Pink insulation is the benchmark by which the industry measures all others. Back in the 1930’s when Owens Corning was beginning its climb up the insulation ladder they happened upon fiberglass during an experiment in their R&D lab. The innovation started them down the road to making the best product available – EcoTouch Pink holds its R-value better than the competition and it also the most environmentally friendly, made up with 73 pre cent recycled materials.

We have worked with Owens Corning for many years and they have provided us with a certification that no other roofing and insulation company in Canada has. We have been certified as a Preferred Platinum Contractor for all their products, a certification that we accept with great pride.

After more than 60 years working with people, our commitment to quality-workmanship and the drive to be the best has made our company the only roofing and insulation company to meet the challenges of your project.

On the banks of the Grand River, towns people in Fergus will contact us at AM Roofing when they need roofing or insulation services. For a free estimate and home inspection call us today at 1.877.281.6900. 

Attic Insulation in Fergus

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