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Attic Insulation in Erin

Energy efficiency in our homes is becoming more important as time goes by; we seek to reduce out expenses and our use of fossil fuels to help stop the scourge of climate change through the release of greenhouse gases. Lifestyle changes that come from new way of looking at things are compelling people to take action. Many projects around our homes can be useful tools as a means to an end that carbon-free world can be. The obvious is always a place to start, but a less obvious plan s new attic insulation in Erin. Reports from experts who study energy use have provided evidence that a home’s heat loss – 40 per cent of the overall heating budget – is related to a lack of attic insulation in Erin. What that means is money going through the roof because your attic insulation in Erin is lacking and indirectly your home is contributing to global warming due to unintended negligence in personal energy management. For those who seek to change their energy use habits and move to conservation as a means to reduce their energy use, new attic insulation in Erin can be the right move at the right time. The same reports that determined our energy waste also advise the course correction is new attic insulation in Erin and it comes with a payoff. Savings of 20-30 per cent on heating bills are up for grabs when you take the plunge into the conservation pool with new attic insulation in Erin. As an added plus, the costs of new attic insulation in Erin will be returned to you in less than two years – depending on energy consumption and conservation efforts you make in the interim. Take the time out to meet our representative at AM Roofing Solutions to help establish a plan to install new attic insulation in Erin – we have years of experience providing advice and direction to help reduce your carbon footprint.

Attic insulation in Erin, a green shift

  • Short term pain, long term gain is what a retrofit for attic insulation will be for you when take action. The short term is the cot, the long term is thousands in savings and the best part is attic insulation needs no power source to provide energy conservation.
  • For project of this importance, a certified professional will yield the best results for your installation of insulation. Experts in the field recognize problems before they start and have solutions that will expedite the work and provide above average results.
  • There are incentives attached to a professional installation and the incentives return benefits to the homeowner. To access shingle warranties, a professional contractor is required by conditions in the warranty to make it valid. A professional will be able to meet terms through the work he will provide spreading the insulation in the attic and it will prevent heat from emanating through the attic to the shingles. That protects the shingles from heat searing and the warranty for the shingles – 50-years in some cases – will add a blanket of protection to that of the insulation. The warranty can be moved to a new owner if the house is sold during the time the warranty is in effect and that makes for good selling point. 
  • Our provincial government here in Ontario has introduced new regulations to the building code to help reduce carbon emissions from our homes. Increasing the minimum density rating for attic insulation in any retrofit projects to reduce fossil fuel consumption and at R-60 the new floor is a welcome adjustment tot eh building code. At AM Roofing Solutions, our expert consultants can develop a plan of attack for your insulation upgrade, and is never a bad thing to add more insulation than we recommend.
  • To meet the new regulations for insulation, we need to take out any insulation that is present in your attic. We will vacuum, the area that will be insulated before we install the new blown in, loose fill, fiberglass insulation that contribute to your personal energy conservation plan.

Many companies advertise the virtues of heir particular insulation product, but none can match Owens Corning for effectiveness. That’s why Owens Corning EcoTouch Pink fibreglass insulation is the only product we use. It retains its R-value well, is the top selling product anywhere and from a green standpoint it has no peer as it is made with 73-per-cent recycled materials.

Owens Corning is the dean of all roofing products and insulation in North America – they invented fiberglass insulation in the 1930’s – and have dominated the market ever since. They have certified our company with their revered Platinum Preferred Contractor designation. It is the only Canadian certification and fills us pride to know that we have been chosen for such a prestigious certification.

Our family company has been providing roofing and insulation solutions for over 60 years and we’ve learned a thing or two over time that has made our company successful. Provide excellence in all you do and quality work will win the respect of customers and peers respectively, and that is what we do.

The community of Erin gave the country Stompin’ Tom Connors – a Canadian music icon – and our company AM Roofing Solutions is returning the favour with quality roofing and insulation work. A call to our office today will start you on the road to energy conservation at 1.877.281.6900.

Attic Insulation in Erin

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