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Attic Insulation in Elora

Environmental stewardship is a newly recognized responsibility, borne out of a commitment to leave the planet better place than we found it for future generations. We are moving in many directions to install protections and many revolve around curtailing fossil fuel use. Any homeowner should know that they are they burning excess fossil fuels if they don’t have adequate attic insulation in Elora. Without adequate attic insulation in Elora heat escapes through the attic, and it is the equivalent of heating all outdoors. The costs for a home’s heating and cooling bill become significantly higher with the increased use and that means more greenhouse gases are emitted that rapidly accelerate climate change.

A scientific fact, thermal heat loss through and attic with poor or no attic insulation in Elora is an astounding 40 per cent – money up in smoke. The easy solution for the problem is to install adequate attic insulation in Elora to solve the problem.

Many homeowners are concerned with up-front costs when they engage in any home improvement project, but new attic insulation in Elora is economical by comparison to other projects and it has the fastest rate of return when you install new attic insulation in Elora.

Estimates project, conservatively, that heating and cooling costs will be reduce by 20-30 per cent when you install new attic insulation in Elora, and those costs can be recovered within 12-18 months of you new installation of attic insulation in Elora.

To get the best advice for new attic insulation in Elora, contact us AM Roofing Solutions; we have many years experience dealing with attic insulation problems and our experts can create a plan to help reduce your energy consumption through conservation.

Attic insulation in Elora, making the switch to energy efficiency

  • Using the addition through subtraction model means removing a negative influence that creates a positive situation, and it is what you are doing when you retrofit your attic with new insulation. You are subtracting the high costs that energy use has become through conservation and the addition is many thousands of in savings that will be realized when you burn less energy.
  • When installing new attic insulation, a certified professional is the best person to assume the work. A professional has been trained and educated in the all areas that require expertise and that is what will provide the benefits that a retrofit of your attic will bring.
  • Two benefits that a professional retrofit of your attic comes from a warranty for shingles and the ability to deed upon sale of your home. When heat is released through your attic to the roof, your shingles pay the price for exposure to the heat that they weren’t built to withstand. That causes the shingles to fry and reduces their capacity to function as water movers and as the first-line of protection for home from the elements. When a professional installs your insulation it will be layered in a manner that prohibits heat loss and that is what causes the application of the warranty to come into force. When the warranty is valid for the shingles – it can be 50-years – it can be part of any real estate deal should you sell your home during the warranty period.
  • There is a worldwide movement to stop climate change and governments everywhere are adopting policies and procedures to take action. In Ontario, the government is using the building code as a tool to mitigate the problem. For attic retrofits, they have placed a clause in the code that demands that any certified contractor install an R-20 density rating of insulation. It is a great start but other factors will have to be examined before you take the plunge. Our consultants can help you sort out your situation, details like a home’s size, the resident’s lifestyles and average temperature in the winter will need to be reviewed. In the event you feel that you may require more insulation than our expert recommends, the added cost will be returned in savings down the road and it is never a bad thing to use more insulation.
  • To get on with the installation of new attic insulation means removing an old product that is in the attic first. It takes a short time to vacuum out the attic before we can install the blown in, loose fill fiberglass insulation and depending on how large your attic it could three to four hours complete the entire project.

Owens Corning EcoTouch fibreglass insulation is used in all of insulation installations because it holds its R-value, is eco-friendly – 73 per cent recycled materials - and it is rated as the number one material in the business. Owens Corning discovered it in the 1930’s and developed it as a best product for any attic retrofit.

Over the years, working with Owens Corning, we have developed a solid business relationship that has brought us an important certification form Owens Corning. They have certified our company as a Platinum Preferred Contractor and we are the only company in Canada to hold one.

Over the last 60 years, three generations of family have made our company what it is today, the best roofing and insulation company in Ontario. The foundation of our success is quality in all we do and our drive to provide the best workmanship on the market has driven our success up the ladder.

On the banks of the Grand River, the arts community known as Elora will contact us at AM Roofing Solutions for all their insulation needs. To arrange for a personal consultation and no cost inspection and estimate call our toll-free number at 1.877.281.6900.

Attic Insulation in Elora

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