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Attic Insulation in Elmira

Heating and cooling costs have risen so much so fast that a homeowner has to break the bank to keep up with timely payments. It doesn’t have to be this way if you manage your energy use properly. One way to get a handle on energy use is to install new attic insulation in Elmira to start your journey down the road to energy efficiency through conservation. Experts tell us that inadequate or no attic insulation in Elmira is responsible for 40 per cent heat loss through the roof and the only way to counteract the problem is with new attic insulation in Elmira. When you retrofit your attic with new attic insulation in Elmira, you can expect savings on your yearly heating and cooling costs. Savings of 20-30 per cent can be had on any upgrade with new attic insulation in Elmira and the savings roll over year after year that require no power to assist your conservation efforts.

The costs of the retrofit for new attic insulation in Elmira can be recouped within 12-18 months depending on your energy use and local area for temperatures. Buying attic insulation in Elmira isn’t a complicated process but does need some level of expertise that our company, AM Roofing, can provide to make an educated decision.

Attic insulation in Elmira, facts and figures

  • Adding a thousand dollars or more to your yearly financial statement is a boon for anyone. But that is effectively what you are doing with the installation of new attic insulation in Elmira. The savings on your bills will add up quickly and over time it can become quite a nest egg to used other purposes.
  • When you have a leaky pipe, you call a plumber. When you want to install new attic insulation in Elmira you call a certified professional for your installation. A certified professional knows his way around any attic insulation installation and has demonstrated the institutional knowledge to obtain the certification that guarantees the effectiveness of the installation.
  • Using a certified professional can provide benefits that are relatively obscure but carry a high value. When a professional installs the insulation, it will be spread evenly and thoroughly and cover all areas. The installation will prevent heat leakage from the home to the attic and through the decking to the shingles. This is important because shingles fry when they are exposed to high temperatures. A professional install will prevent the heat leakage that will damage the shingles and it will provide for suitable conditions for the shingle warranty to become active. Warranties are can be extended as long as 50-years and it can be part of the sale of any home provided it sold during the warranty period.
  • We all have a part to play in reducing our fossil fuel usage and the provincial government has changed the building code to reflect a commitment stop climate change. They have changed the building code to set a minimum for attic insulation installed by a certified contractor. The new regulation requires a density rating of R-20, but the devil is always in the details. Things like geographic location that drive median temperatures, square footage of the attic, and how the inhabitants use energy are details to address. We can show you a formula for success and if you chose to top-up what we have recommended, the extra cost will be recovered in savings you will receive down the road.
  • If you have no attic insulation in your attic, the installation can go full steam ahead, but if there is material in the attic, it needs to come out before we can start with the new installation. We use a vacuum system to remove the old insulation before we install the blown in, loose fill, fiberglass insulation that will provide the comfort an insulation installation provides.

As the best roofing and insulation company in Ontario, we want to provide our customers with the best products and services we have available. Our choice for insulation comes from the industry leader, Owens Corning. They discovered fiberglass over 70 years ago and have been refining the product ever since. Their signature product, EcoTouch Pink insulation is the industry standard because it holds its’ R-value, is the most widely installed insulation and has the most recycled glass content – 73 per cent – making it the greenest insulation available.

Owens Corning awarded our company with a unique certification that has no peer in Canada. We are the only Canadian company that has been awarded a Platinum Preferred Contractor status due to our expertise in our business.

We are a three-generation family business that has 60 years service in the industry and the longevity of business is based on our commitment to quality work and our drive to ensure excellent service in all the things we do.

In the home of the Elmira Maple Syrup Festival, Elmira residents contact us at AM Roofing Solutions for any work they need for their roofing systems and insulation installation. Call our office today to book an appointment for a free home inspection and estimate at 1.877.281.6900

Attic Insulation in Elmira

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