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Attic Insulation in Drayton

Our world is changing and it has given rise to a new stream of consciousness that has opened our eyes to many things that weren’t on our radar in the past. One of the most important eye-openers we are experiencing right now is the effects that greenhouse gases have on our environment through the burning of fossil fuels. We can reduce out greenhouse gases through reduced consumption and that is what conservation is. To reduce out fossil fuel use in our homes, new attic insulation in Drayton should be at the top of the list for projects to be assumed. New attic insulation in Drayton will stop heat release through our attics that experts say amounts to 40 per cent of our heating bills. Using excess fossil fuels means emitting more emissions, the foundation of climate change, and new attic insulation in Drayton will lower your homes emission because it will allow to burn less fuel while still maintaining a comfortable environment. The cost of new attic insulation in Drayton isn’t as significant as other projects and the savings from new attic insulation in Drayton are returned quickly. Savings of 20-30 per cent per year are available when you install new attic insulation in Drayton and that compounds every year. The period of return is in the area of 12-18 months, depending on what your lifestyle is like and insulation needs no alternative energy sources to function, it is a spread it and forget it proposition.

Attic insulation in Drayton, conservation has never been so easy

  • The road to energy conservation is paved in gold when you install new attic insulation in Drayton. Hundreds if not thousands of dollars in savings can be had through a retrofit of attic insulation in Drayton and who couldn’t use any extra money?
  • Have a professional install your new attic insulation in Drayton, as it will pay off in the long run. Certified professionals will have a background of knowledge and year of expertise behind them that they will use to meet the intricacies of your attic installation.
  • The benefit of a professional install can’t be discounted when you factor in the any warranties that are available with a professional installation for your insulation. When a professional installs the insulation it will be spread throughout the attic creating an even layer of protection that will stop heat leakage. This is important to protect the shingles because they can’t withstand the heat and will degrade due to over exposure. The professional installation will allow the warranty to come into effect and that can be a 50-year term, depending on the shingles you buy.
  • To slow the effects of climate change the provincial government of Ontario has amended the building code to reflect their commitment to reducing greenhouse gases. The regulations in the area of attic insulation cover the density of any retrofit provided by a certified, professional contractor. The new density rating calls for a minimum of R-60 in all work performed and that is a public good, it doesn’t take into account the diversity of the province. Our regional climate, the home’s size and the residents’ lifestyle all must be considered when purchasing insulation. Our experts in the field will be able to chart a course for you and what you may need, should you think more is better, the costs rare readily recovered quickly.
  • In the vein of out with old and in with the new, any insulation that is your attic now will have be taken out before blown in, loose fill, fibreglass insulation can be installed. It takes very little time and can be accomplished with a vacuum – the time period for removal and installation is approximately three to four hours for a medium-sized attic.

Our friends at Owens Corning supply all our attic insulation for installation and they produce the best insulation available, Their EcoTouch Pink insulation has been the number-selling insulation available because it holds it R-value the best and is made with the most recycled materials – a whopping 73 per cent recycled glass.

We have worked with Owens for years and our relationship has produced a significant designation that is unmatched in our industry. They have bestowed their Platinum Preferred Contractor certification to us and it is the one and only one in Canada at this time.

For six decades we have been an industry leader in all things roofing and insulation and dedication to excellence and workmanship have set us apart from the pack.

In the home of the Drayton Festival Theatre, Drayton residents can contact us any time for help with their roofing and insulation problems.  An in-home consultation with a free estimate is waiting for your call to our office today at 1.877.281.6900.

Attic Insulation in Drayton

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