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Attic Insulation in Acton, ON

Social attitudes have changed with regard to energy use and conservation has never been more important to stem the tide of climate change through excessive fossil fuel use. The new green attitude has fostered innovation and given a fresh set of eyes in the way we look at energy use.

To obtain maximum energy efficiency, new attic insulation in Acton is a way to remediate your energy use and reduce your carbon footprint. Over the years, energy use studies have advised us that an incredible 40 percent of a home’s heat loss is caused by limited or no attic insulation in Acton. New attic insulation in Acton will not only solve this problem, the new attic insulation in Acton will return hard-earned dollars back to your wallet too by saving on your heating and cooling energy bills.

As part of the same studies, energy conservation through new attic insulation in Acton can provide a homeowner with 20-30 percent savings on heating bills and that rolls over every year. An added incentive to installing new attic insulation in Acton is that the new attic insulation replacement or installation in Acton needs no additional power to provide the savings, it just works.

When you have decided that your energy costs have become too much to bear and you want to install new attic insulation in Acton, contact us at AM Roofing Solutions to help chart your course to energy efficiency.

Attic insulation in Acton, make a green shift

  • Take advantage of all the cost savings that new attic insulation in Acton can provide you and cash in on thousands of dollars that would have been spent on energy when you retrofit your attic with new attic insulation in Acton.
  • A project as important as your home’s energy conservation shouldn’t be trusted to just anybody. DIY videos will tell you how simple it is to install insulation, but it is not. If it were, there wouldn’t be many companies in the market doing just that. Using a certified professional contractor is the difference between achieving energy conservation and dreaming of it.
  • A professional installation carries benefits that can’t be taken lightly when you are retrofitting your home. A professional installation pays off in two areas. The first is the shingles will be warrantied when you use a professional to install the insulation that prevents heat release to the shingles.
  • Heat from a home can do untold damage to the shingles, and professional installation will eliminate that problem. The warranty on some shingle products is a 50-year span and that is a lot of insurance for a small investment. The second payoff is in the warranty’s ability to be transferred if you sell your home and it makes for a great feature for the sale.
  • The Ontario government is on a campaign to reduce fossil fuel use and they are using education programs and the building code to achieve their stated goals. The amendments to the building code cross many lines, but in the area of attic retrofits for new insulation by a certified, professional contractor, they are required to install the equivalent of R-60 insulation density on all their projects.
  • Our trained consultants have experience providing advice for homeowners who seek new attic insulation. If, after our consultation, you feel that more insulation is required than what we recommend, we will install it for you as it is never a bad decision to add a little more to increase your level of energy savings.
  • Back in the day, when attic insulation was to be installed, a crew would go into the attic space and remove the insulation by hand. Nowadays, the process starts and ends with a vacuum to suck up the old product before we install the new blown in, loose fill, fibreglass insulation.

We exclusively use Owens Corning for insulation, and their EcoTouch Pink insulation is the number-one selling product in North America. Owens Corning discovered fiberglass in the 1930’s and have refined it to become a product that holds its’ R-value and it contains the most recycled glass of any product available at 73 per cent.

Our professional relationship with Owens Corning is a long one and you could say we have lots of good water under the bridge with them. Our work is held in high esteem with them and they have awarded us with an important certification. We are the only certified Platinum Preferred insulation Contractor in Canada, and that says a lot about how we handle our work.

Sixty years of successful roofing and insulation work has seen our stock rise in the marketplace to the top of the ladder. Our dedication to excellence and our commitment to top-notch workmanship have helped us climb the ladder one rung at a time until we reached the top.

Residents of the town of Acton are making the right choice when they contact us at AM Roofing Solutions for insulation and roofing projects.

Call our toll-free line today at 1.877.281.6900 to schedule your free attic inspection that comes with a free estimate and consultation.

Attic Insulation in Acton

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