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Professional Certified Roofing Contractors in Wasaga Beach

Technology has turned us into a gadget society; laptop computers, cell phones and apps have created an inter-connected world that brings us to many places and things that we wouldn’t have accessed in the past. New technology has created a whole new class of professional experts that not only create the technology to power our world, and to repair it when there are problems with our gadgets and gizmos. Unless you have an IT certificate, you aren’t going to repair your computer; you’re going to take it to a professional for a repair for your device. In our homes, we have many projects that could be accomplished without training, but in general, we hire the services of a professional to provide the necessary repairs to our systems. Roofing problems can cause great consternation when they are discovered because a roofing system is a bit of a mystery to the layman that works with different elements to provide adequate protection for a homeowner. A professional certified roofing contractor in Wasaga Beach can meet the challenges of any roofing problem and create an effective solution to fix the problem. Our mission at AM Roofing Solutions is to provide quality-roofing solutions that are appropriate for the job at a reasonable price that stresses quality over economy. Labour is the biggest expense of any job when we hire a professional for our work. There are times when we want to obtain cost control by assuming the work ourselves, and that is a recipe for failure. At AM Roofing, we have the experience and expertise to provide the right solution at the right time for the right price when we take on your roofing problem to create a viable solution.

Our qualifications:

  • A Scottish immigrant, Harold Pearce, started our company with a truck a set of tools and few dedicated men in 1956. Since our inception, we have been a family company that puts customers over profits and our 10-year labour warranty is ample evidence of that. We provide roofing solutions throughout the year and we are no strangers to working in all types of weather whenever our customer’s needs us.
  • Building on the strong foundation that was established by Pearce has been an easy task as he laid the groundwork for a solid reputation that we enjoy today. When you cut the kind of business profile we do in our industry, the industry takes notice. A large roofing materials company’s in Canada has noticed our work and Owens Corning has furnished our company with a certification as a PPC (Platinum Preferred Contractor) for all their products. That accreditation is the only one that Owens Corning has issued in Canada.
  • A professional certified roofing contractor would back their work with a warranty, and ours is a 10-labour warranty. When install Owens Corning products, our PPC certification allows us to extend a 50-year warranty on their behalf and the warranty from Corning can be transferred should you sell your home.
  • As a private sector roofing company, we have to meet stringent guidelines in the communities we work and we are expected to meet provincial regulations also. Things like insurance, safety training and certification under the OHSA, and registration in every town and city we work in are part of the credentials that defines a professional certified roofing contractor in Wasaga Beach.

Working with Owens Corning has given us access to the best fibregalss shingles on the market and variety is the spice of life when it comes to choosing styles and colours from Owens Corning.

A roof covering comes in many different materials, but the most important factor to contemplate is how the material will work in the solution. We provide advice for the purchaser and have materials that run from fiberglass, composite, slate and cedar for all your roofing applications.

We have an expanded service base that includes attic insulation, replacement fascia and rain gutters and vents and soffits to protect the entire roofing system through component protection.

We can be considered a full-service roofing company because we have provided solutions for commercial buildings and industrial factories that have flat and sloped surfaces to cover. We dominate the single family and multiple family residential sectors where we have been setting the standard for roofing solutions on all kinds of different styles of homes.

On the shore of the longest freshwater beach in the world, homeowners know to call the only professional certified roofing contractor in Wasaga Beach and that is AM Roofing. We can be reached at 1.705. 445.3540 for free estimate and no-obligation meeting.

Professional Certified Roofing Contractors in Wasaga Beach

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