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Professional Certified Roofing Contractors in Thornbury

You’ve noticed that you have some water stains on your basement floor and while it may only be a small spot, you know in the back of your mind that the little crack in the foundation will turn into something a lot larger if it isn’t dealt with promptly. After investigating all the DIY solutions available, you make a conscious choice to call in a professional to remediate the problem that you are experiencing to prevent further damage and costs associated with the repair that could take on epic proportions. Many problems around our homes require the services of a skilled professional, and when we have roofing troubles, we call a professional certified roofing contractor in Thornbury to replace shingles, fascia or rain gutters to protect our roofing system and our home as a whole. To obtain the services for the best professional certified roofing contractor in Thornbury, a quick call to AM Roofing Solutions will put all your roofing problems to rest. As a rite of passage, making home repairs without the help of a trained expert is a re-enforcement of the male ego that comes at a high price when things go wrong. A call to us will prevent extra costs as we have the experience to solve the problem right the first time on budget with no surprises for the homeowner.

Our qualifications

  • A Scottish immigrant, Harold Pearce in 1956, founded our company and the business took off. If anything, Pearce was a serious craftsman and he took his responsibilities to heart providing the best roofing solution that the industry could provide. He created our first warranty – a decade-long labour guarantee – that is still one our signature benefits when you deal with us. As the business has developed over time, our family has taken great care to maintain all of our customer relationships and we have serviced roofing problems through all the seasons when our customers need us most, in time of an emergency.
  • Establishing and developing a thriving business comes with byproducts that any professional certified roofing contractor in Thornbury would die to have. One of our suppliers, Owens Corning, has provided accreditation that nobody else in Canada has. They have certified us as a PPC (Platinum Preferred Contractor) for their materials and that comes with an added benefit.
  • Buying Owens Corning products for your roofing solution can net you a 50-year warranty for the materials depending on the products you buy. Combined with our 10-year warranty for labour and you have a roofing solution that will outlive your residency in your home and the best part is the warranties are transferable when you sell your home.
  • The biggest part of being a professional certified roofing contractor in Thornbury is meeting all the rules and regulations that come with practicing a trade in the province. All cities require any tradesmen working in the city limits to be registered as a contractor, like us. All professionals carry insurance, and we are happy to provide a valid copy of ours and professionals have safety training that is approved by the OHSA, and our staff is certified for safety in all activities related to the work site.

One of main suppliers is Owens Corning for many of the roofing products we retail and install, and they are our first choice for fibreglass shingles because they are simply put, the best the market has to offer. After 70 years of producing shingles for the market, Owens Corning has developed a large product line with many different colours and styles available for your home.

In our business, there is an old saw that goes something like this: It is never about the cost of the work but what the work will achieve. As a roofing concern with a great deal of expertise, we offer good counsel for the materials that will be part of any roofing solution, and those materials are chosen meticulously. We can recommend composite materials, fiberglass, cedar or slate to meet the challenges of your roofing solution that will last a lifetime.

As one of the top-shelf professional certified roofing contractors in Thornbury, we at AM Roofing have a long list of services to help protect your shingles from premature degradation. We have installed new attic insulation, provided new fascia and rain gutters with every roofing solution and installed vents and soffits to protect your roofing system from unwanted heat that is the scourge of your shingles.

In our business, roofing companies tend to specialize in the services they offer their clientele. At AM Roofing, we work in all the three sectors of the roofing business. Our crews have provided solutions to commercial building and industrial factories that have sloped and flat roofs while catering to the residential market where we honed our trade.

At the foot of Blue Mountain, residents that need a professional certified roofing contractor in Thornbury they contact AM Roofing. We have a no-obligation meeting available and a free in-home inspection at your fingertips when you call us at 1.705.445.3540.

Professional Certified Roofing Contractors in Thornbury

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