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Professional Certified Roofing Contractors in New Tecumseth

A flat tire means getting the spare and a jack out of the trunk to change the flat. The next trip you make is to local service station or tire store to see if their service technicians can patch the leak that caused the flat or whether purchasing a new tire might be in your future. Repairing the old tire is an inexpensive solution, replacing the tire means both sides to have consistent wear and reduced stress on the components of the suspension system. Now we wouldn’t think of trying to patch the leak in garage as if our tire was a bicycle tire and that is why we went to the garage in the first place. Problems in and around our home need that kind of treatment too. If you have leaky pipe you call a plumber, if you have a leaky roof, you call a professional certified roofing contractor in New Tecumseth to come to your home to patch the hole. At AM Roofing Solutions we have been plugging holes, replacing shingles and adding other components to roofing systems to keep our customers warm and dry. Problems always look easy to solve from a distance until we get into the nitty gritty of the work and by then it is to late for our less skilled talents to affect a solution. When you decide that AM Roofing is the roofing contractor for you, you can bet the mortgage money on the fact the repair will be done right and on budget.

Our qualifications:

  • The backbone of the provincial economy is small business, and our founder; Harold Pearce, helped establish that backbone like a lot of other entrepreneurs. Pearce founded our company in 1956, a short time after he emigrated from Scotland to start a new life. When he started our family roofing concern, he had one thing in mind, fair work at a fair price. He insured that his customers would have confidence in his efforts when he provided them with a labour warranty that spanned 10-years. After all these years we still provide our customers with that warranty as our commitment to quality that was instilled by our founder. Many companies call themesleve roofing contractors but really they only work when the weather is cooperative, but that isn’t us at AM Roofing. We work throughout the year and we are there in case of emergency due to any cause for all our customers needs.
  • A solid business reputation has its’ advantages and ours has brought us attention from a pre-imminent roofing supplier. Owens Corning, a company with over seven decades as materials supplier for our industry has accredited us with PPC (Platinum Preferred Contractor) status for all the products that they produce we use. The key benefit for the consumer, other than getting the best fibreglass shingles on the market is the warranty from Owens Corning. They can supply up to a 50-year materials warranty for the products you purchase and you can transfer that warranty if you sell your house.
  • When you go into business, you need to be cognizant of all the details that come with being a professional certified roofing contractor in new Tecumseth. Holding valid insurance, being registered as a contractor in the region you work and having your staff well trained in all aspects of safety that fall under the OHSA are the details you meet when you are like us at AM.

When we buy something we want to get the best our money can buy and when you purchase fiberglass shingles for your home roofing solution, it will be an Owens Corning product. Their selection of shingles comes with many different color schemes and patterns for all you roofing needs.

There is an old saying: A horse for every course and that can be applied to the roofing business as well. There is a material for every roofing solution and we have any material that you need to complete your roofing restoration. Composite materials, fiberglass shingles, slate and cedar products are waiting for you when you have our company finish your roofing solution.

Many roofing contractors are specialty contractors, meaning they only work in the residential, or they only work on factories or that they work on commercial jobs. We provide support and all areas of the roofing business and out team can provide quality-roofing solutions for peaked, sloped or flat roofing systems.

A roofing system is made of inter-connecting components that function as a group to provide all the protection your home needs to stay warm and comfortable. Many roofing contractors don’t supply services to support the different systems but we do. In our catalogue of services, we can supply new attic insulation, swap out rain gutters and fascia and install vents and soffits to complete any roofing job for your convenience.

Residents in the northwest corner of the Greater Toronto Area that need a professional certified roofing contractor in New Tecumseth, call us at AM Roofing. For a no-obligation visitation and free inspection and estimate call our office today at 705-435-9912

Professional Certified Roofing Contractors in New Tecumseth

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