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Roof Replacement in Tottenham

It has been said that the genesis of bluegrass music comes immigrants from Scotland, Ireland and England who landed on North American shores over 300 years ago. Much of southern Ontario was colonized by settlers from these countries and with the settlements came the traditions of people who inhabited them. Tottenham is one such community and they tip their collective hats’ to history with their annual Tottenham Bluegrass Festival.

When the music lovers of community need a roof replacement in Totteham they put a nickel in the jukebox and spin the AM Roofing Solutions record for all their roof problems. We use quality materials and the boys in the band – our installers – make sweet music when they apply a roof replacement in Tottenham.

When you are auditioning a roofing contractor for a roof replacement in Tottenham, he should ‘play’ a number of ‘instruments’ that will be instrumental to the successful completion of a roof replacement in Tottenham.    

Start with a local roofing contractor, you don’t want a travelling band to install your roof replacement in Tottenham because you can’t get an idea of the previous work nor can you access a reference.

Next ting to determine is the professional accreditation that a contractor should hold for any roof replacement in Tottenham. Municipal registration and insurance are what separates season roofing contractors from professionals, and ask for validation if you feel uneasy about the contractor who has come to your home.

Next song on the hit parade for a roof replacement in Tottenham is the labour situation. Bluegrass is a genre that has lead changes from instrument to instrument throughout a song, but you don’t want that for your crew. You want a contractor who will have his own crew working on key to supply your roof replacement in Tottenham as opposed to sub-contracting crew.

When discussing your roof replacement in Tottenham with a contractor, don’t shy away from asking about impending warranties for the work and the materials that will be part of the roof replacement ‘ensemble.’ The contractor will guarantee the work and a supplier will provide the material warranty that is guaranteed by the manufacturer. Make sure that the time frame for both warranties is at least five-years; otherwise you could be out of pocket due to labour or material failure.

The encore for a roof replacement in Tottenham is the written estimate provided by the contractor at the end of the inspection. The estimate spells out the costs for material and labour and gives a homeowner the protection necessary to keep costs in line.

At AM Roofing Solutions, we play all the right instruments for a roof replacement and our ‘band’ has been together for 60 years of roofing working. Our family, three generations worth, has been creating the music for all of roof replacements and they always sound good.

You can hear when a band is out of tune as it isn’t music to your ears, but determining roofing problems at home may not be quite the same. You need to know what to look for and it could one thing or a combination of different things that are causing problems.

Cracked or worn shingles are excellent examples of damage; leaks in the attic or from the downspouts are sour notes that will kill a tune in heartbeat. A call to us at AM Roofing Solutions, gets one of ‘bandleaders’ – an inspector – to come out and orchestrate a written estimate that is based on the problems found and the solutions created. To hit the high notes of roofing inspection, the inspector will check you attic for insulation. Insulation is important to keep heat in the house and with the right density it will keep it away from the shingles too. Loud music will deafen you and poor insulation will be the cause of shingle damage because heat is allowed to vent unfettered to the roofing system.

To get the beat just right for your roof covering, we can show you plenty of different colours that are stylish and functional. As for the choice of materials, you can start with composite, or cedar (shingles/shakes) or metal products for your roofing symphony.

For a no-obligation meeting and inspection that comes with a free estimate call AM Roofing Solutions today at 1.877.281.6900.

Roof Replacement in Tottenham   

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