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Roof Replacement in Thornbury

Twenty years after Confederation, the town of Thornbury was founded and it drew its’ economic power from its’ proximity to Lake Huron as an exporter of local agriculture and lumber to destinations south. As the town grew and the railroad ran a track to Thornbury and the area became known as a summer retreat for the rich and famous from Toronto and the local architecture reflects that history. In the suburbs of Thornbury there many late 19th-century homes on tree lined streets that are a testament to the past. When one of those homes or any other home in the community needs a roof replacement in Thornbury, AM Roofing Solutions can satisfy the needs of any project. Our crews have a high degree of experience and are well trained with industry certification for a roof replacement in Thornbury that is our stamp of quality. We use the best materials that the industry has to offer for a roof replacement in Thornbury that will protect your home for upwards of 20 years. Our commitment to quality is a mainstay in any roof replacement in Thornbury and we provide a 10-year workmanship warranty to fulfill our commitment.

Hiring the right roofing contractor for a roof replacement in Thornbury can be challenging, but with a little planning and aforethought making the right choice will become clear with the answers you derive from some simple inquiries.

Shopping around for a roofing contractor, comparing prices for services and defining areas of need come to the front of the line and when we hire somebody to address those issues it would be more than helpful if you are evaluating local contractors. If you can review previous work in your community, you may be able to access previous customers sample opinions to determine how the contractor handles his work.

When you interview a prospective contractor for a roof replacement in Thornbury, be cognizant of couple of key details that help make a determination if you are talking to a professional or a seasonal contractor. First thing you want to know if whether the contractor has a municipal license to operate and the second thing is what type of liability insurance does the contractor carry in event of an accident.

Another point up for consideration is the type of materials that will used for your roof replacement in Thornbury and what if any warranties are available. Most shingle manufacturers will provide a warranty for their materials depending on price point and the contractor – most if not all – generally provide a short term warranty for workmanship that runs one to three years. Some contractors have been known to charge a fee for an extended workmanship warranty that may or may not cover something if it goes awry.

The last and least consequential detail for your roof replacement in Thornbury is a written estimate for the work that is to be provided by the contractor. The estimate acts as insurance from costs that weren’t expensed as part of your roof replacement in Thornbury.

Once you developed a body of evidence the only call you will make for your roof replacement in Thornbury is to us AM Roofing Solutions. With 60 years industry experience as a four-seasons roofing company we are best suited to provide simply the best roofing solution in Thornbury.

When we come to your home to investigate the current condition of your roofing system, our expert will look into all the components of your roofing system to see what needs to be done to effect a roof replacement in Thornbury.

The first place we will start is with the shingles and our visual examination will look at the condition of the shingles and whether they are adequately protecting the exterior of the roofing system. When we see cracked, curling or missing shingles it means that the entire roofing system is in distress and the chance of water damage has greatly increased. After the shingles have been dealt with, an attic inspection is the next thing we look at. It is important to have enough insulation to provide energy efficiency and protection for the shingles on the roof. The insulation is a blanket that protects the shingles from excessive heat release from the attic and the heat can cause shingles to deteriorate.

A look at the rain gutters and downspouts for structural integrity is another item that will be addressed for a roof replacement in Thornbury. The drainage system expels water from the roofing system and the system’s importance can’t be discounted.  

Once we have taken a detailed accounting of your roofing system, our consultant will provide a detailed report with a written estimate for the roof replacement in Thornbury that will simple and easy to understand.

Included in the estimate will be a range of materials that we have in our inventory for aesthetic view of your roof replacement in Thornbury. Shingles – in asphalt or fibreglass – come in many different colours and patterns that can be matched to the exterior. If man-made materials aren’t the way to go, we have cedar shingles and shakes that provide a country feel to your roof replacement in Thornbury that will accentuate a rustic charm. Also, we can install a metal roofing system if that is your choice for a roof replacement in Thornbury. Apart from the curb appeal, a metal roofing system provides it also extremely durable and is an economical alternative to other roofing systems.

Call us today at AM Roofing Solutions for a no obligation consultation and free estimate at 1.877.289.6900.

Roof Replacement in Thornbury

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