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Roof Replacement in Stayner, Clearview

Like many communities at the foot of the Canadian Shield, Stayner came into being in the last 1850’s when a railway was built to connect Toronto to Collingwood and Stayner was a whistle stop along the way. As the community grew its’ economic base revolved around forestry and agriculture, like many other communities of its time. In the near north, Stayner has may period piece homes dotting the hilly landscape with development coming slowly as the town’s economic hub expanded. When residents need a roof replacement in Stayner they call AM Roofing Solutions for all their roofing needs. We have over 60 years experience working in the roofing industry and a wide breadth of experience working all types of homes providing quality roof replacements that will stand up to the elements. Our four-season roofing company has developed a reputation the roofing industry that few can rival because we use the best materials with top-flight installers who have many years experience providing any roof replacement in Stayner. We stand behind all our work in a way that most roofing companies don’t, we provide a 10-year warranty for any workmanship we provide for a roof replacement in Stayner as a demonstration to our commitment to quality and excellence.

You have determined you need a roof replacement in Stayner; the first course of action to achieve the goal is to formulate a plan to hire the right roofing contractor to provide your roof replacement in Stayner. If you have never had a roof replacement in Stayner a checklist of question should be developed to address the concerns that may arise for a roof replacement in Stayner.

It is important to shop local when hiring a contractor for a couple of different reasons. First, the contractor should have provide at least one previous roof replacement in Stayner as a reference that can be reviewed and the second reason is the contractor will have developed a professional reputation in the community that can be evaluated.

Legitimacy plays a large part of any contractor’s reputation, most if not all reputable contractors will have registered with their local municipality as service providers and it is easy to check their bona fides at City Hall. Another item that help separate the wheat from the chafe is insurance. All contractors carry some type of liability insurance for injury to their help or damage to your home, don’t be afraid to ask what their coverage is and how it will protect you in the event of an accident.

Now that you determined that the contractor has insurance, ask him what type of insurance he will provide for the work in the form of a warranty. The products being installed will come with some type of manufacturer’s warranty and most roofing contractors will offer a one to three year warranty for the workmanship they perform. It might sound like a minor detail, but some roofing contractors will charge for a warranty like an after-market warranty on a new car.

With the small details taken care of, the last thing that needs to be spoken to is a written estimate for a roof replacement in Stayner. A written estimate will spell out the costs for the roof replacement in Stayner and the rights and responsibilities of both parties before the work commences.

Now that the unknowns have become known, AM Roofing Solutions is the only choice for a roof replacement in Stayner as we meet or exceed any requirements of a roof replacement in Stayner with expertise and dedication to excellence that is unsurpassed in our industry.

When you contact us for an inspection of your roofing system, one of experts will come to your residence to provide a professional assessment of the needs of roofing system that will preceded your roof replacement in Stayner. Our expert will check the shingles on your roof, determine if the gutters and downspouts are working as they should, look into the attic to see if the insulation is providing the level of protection it should and formulate a game plan for a roof replacement in Stayner.

Details that the expert will consider are the condition of the shingles. As the first line of defense, shingles need to be in excellent shape to protect other components of the roofing system from water damage. If shingles are missing, curled or cracked it could mean water is leaking into the underlay and decking and if that is happening a roof replacement in Stayner could become an expensive proposition. Attic insulation is an underrated item in the overall roofing system but the purpose it serves to protection can’t be. Insulation protects the shingles from excessive heat released from the attic to the roofing system and if the attic has no or limited insulation, the shingles are put at risk due to the heat release.

Rain gutters and downspouts should be in good working order as they work with shingles to move water away from the roofing system to the ground and away from the foundation so it is imperative to have these systems working well together. If not, improvements to the drainage system will part and parcel of any roof replacement in Stayner that we will provide.

Detailing problems and providing common sense solutions in an easy to understand way in a written estimate is our stock and trade and all our customers feel that this approach has brought them into the decision-making process as an active participant. 

Included in the estimate will be the materials required to fulfill the work and we have many choices for roofing coverings. We have standard shingles that come in asphalt or fiberglass materials, cedar shingles and shakes or you can have a metal roofing system to cover the exterior of your home.

To book a no obligation consultation and free estimate for a roof replacement in Stayner, call us at AM Roofing Solutions at 1.877.289.6900.

Roof Replacement in Stayner, Clearview

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