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Roof Replacement in Schomberg

Schomberg, like many towns in Ontario, found its’ roots in agriculture in the early 1840’s and when the railway went through some years later it developed a commercial side to the farm community. Over time, the community sitting at the top of the GTA, became a bedroom community of sorts for commuters who worked south of the town.

Residents of the town can expect that AM Roofing Solutions will provide a roof replacement in Schomberg when the necessity arises because they know they can depend on our commitment to quality workmanship and materials.

For some, a roof replacement in Schomberg may never materialize, but for others a roof replacement in Schomberg is an absolute must, so a plan should be developed to hire the right contractor for a roof replacement in Schomberg.

Start with a small circle or rectangle and draw it around Schomberg and look for local contractors equipped to provide a roof replacement in Schomberg. Local work means results that can be evaluated for quality and potential references so ask a contractor about his latest efforts. Any contractor that is above board in his business dealings will have registration and insurance to cover his activities for a roof replacement in Schomberg and it is imperative that he has those items as a matter of course. If not, any injuries on site could be held against a homeowner.

The labour for roof replacement in Schomberg can be handled a number of ways but the most common methods are outsourcing (subcontracting) or using a crew that is employed on a regular basis for a roof replacement in Schomberg. A contractor who maintains a crew is more likely to provide quality work as his name depends on a successful roof replacement in Schomberg - our name is our brand.

Warranties are critical to any work that requires a large financial investment, to protect the investment, and the roofing business has two warranties that can be available for a homeowner. First off, the contractor will warranty any work his crew provides for a roof replacement and the second warranty will come from the materials manufacturer via the vendor. Both warranties should start at five years, if not the manufacturer and contractor don’t believe in their work.

Once those conditions have been ironed out the last thing that the contractor should present a would-be customer is an estimate for all the work and materials required. The estimate is the master document that governs the work and it locks in the price for a homeowner’s protection. 

When you employ us at AM Roofing Solutions, you can have rest easy knowing we can answer all the questions associated with your roofing work and we have done so for the past 60 years. Our family has been the engineer for our roofing company train and they have guided us to the station of successful roofing work for the past three generations.

Sometimes, it takes the eye of trained professional to spot roofing problems, and at other times it is a matter of noticing what is happening on your roof.

Shingles can come loose for become damaged, leaks can occur when shingles aren’t covering the decking adequately, and drainage pipes that are draining mean trouble too.

Calling us will have an expert arrive at your home for an inspection of the roofing system to determine the extent of the damage and what the needs of the work will be. He will distill the problems and through the distillation process, he will arrive at a conclusion that will solve the problems and present a written estimate for a customer’s review.

Before he leaves your home, a tour through the attic is appropriate and part of the inspection to determine how the insulation is faring. Proper insulation density does two things: it keeps heat in and protects shingles from exposure. If shingles are overheated they will crack, wilt and decay – not something you want from shingles.

Our company has access to wide range of colours and styles for shingles for your roof replacement that can be supplied in different materials. Composite, asphalt, cedar (shakes/shingles) and metal sheets/shingles can be purchased as options for your roof replacement.

To book a free consultation and home inspection, call us today at AM Roofing Solutions at 1.877.281.6900  

Roof Replacement in Schomberg

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