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Roof Replacement in Nottawasaga

The community of Nottawasaga sits on the banks of Georgian Bay, and like many summer vacation paradises it provides recreational activities for many visitors every year. Like many lakeside communities it was a hub of transportation before the railroad connected many Ontario communities together in the 1800’s. Logging and agriculture were the main industry drivers and they provided the community a foothold like many others.

When cottage owners or homeowners need a roof replacement in Nottawasaga they call on AM Roofing Solutions to come to them in their time of need. Our team of installer is highly qualified to provide a roof replacement in Nottawasaga, and we give them the best materials to complete any roof replacement in Nottawasaga for the benefit of our customers.

Hiring a contractor for a roof replacement in Nottawasaga can be a trying exercise if you have never needed roof work before, but if you do it right the contractor will everything you need him to be. Like everything in life, you need a plan to hire a roofing contractor for a roof replacement in Nottawasaga and it doesn’t have to be complicated. All you need to do is touch on some questions that will take you to logical conclusions.

To start your search, look locally for contractors in the area to establish of body of information based on the body of work the contractor has to his credit when providing a roof replacement in Nottawasaga.

There are two kinds of roofing contractors, seasonal operators who are here today gone tomorrow and there are four-season contractors who are licensed and carry insurance. You can differentiate between the two based on the estimate for the work – a seasonal contractor will be much lower due to lower costs. But the lower costs means less protection for the consumer from a licensing standpoint and the consumer could be on the hook for any damage cause on-site by an uninsured worker when working on a roof replacement in Nottawasga.

Installers on-site come from two different pools of labour; one pool is a subcontracting labour to a third party and the other sees a contractor with his own crew for a roof replacement in Nottawasga. Align your interests with the contractor who keeps a regular crew as it builds trust and confidence based on a solid company brand.

To protect your investment that a roof replacement in Nottawasga is, check for warranties that should come with your roofing work. Standard operating procedure in the roofing business calls for two warranties for roofing work. First up is a labour warranty, guaranteed by the contractor and the second is a materials warranty, guaranteed by the manufacturer. Both warranties should be a minimum of five-year terms that is also a standard in the roofing business.

At the end of the meeting you have with a roofing contractor, he should provide you with a written estimate for a roof replacement in Nottawasga. It is the protection against rising costs that could occur if the contractor hasn’t estimated the job correctly.

AT AM Roofing Solutions, for the past 60 years we have been touching all the critical elements of the consultation for roofing work and our family – three generations – has been the labour force to supply the work. When we finish any roofing work we provide a 10-year workmanship warranty as a demonstration to our commitment to do quality work.

To identify roofing problems, you need a reference point to start from and the most common problems occur with shingles. If shingles are missing or have rounded corners there is pressure on the roofing system that needs to be attend to. Water leaks in the attic or from the downspout means the roofing components are working together as designed and you need a professional to address the situation.

A call to office will see an experienced consultant come to your home for an inspection of the roofing system and the attic. Once the problems have been identified, our man will issue an estimate for the work and move the attic for an evaluation.

Attic insulation, in the right density, is the best protection a roofing system can have. It stops heat from reaching the shingles because the blanket of insulation stops the heat dead in its tracks. If the heat is venting to the shingles, they will wither under the intense heat and become useless.

To cap off the job, you need to determine what type of covering you want. We carry many styles of roofing materials that come in many popular colours. For a choice of materials, we have composite, cedar (shakes/shingles), asphalt and metal roofing materials for your home that are all effective in the protection of your house. 

To book your free, personalized inspection that comes with a free estimate call AM Roofing Solutions today at 1.877.281.6900.

Roof Replacement in Nottawasaga

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