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Roof Replacement in New Tecumseth

The community of New Tecumseth is a lot like many communities in Ontario. New Tecumseth is child of amalgamation that linked Alliston, Tottenham and Beeton together. The area’s claim to fame is that is home to two very famous people. Sir Frederick Banting and Sir William Osler are noted in their fields of medicine as pioneers. Banting was a doctor and scientist who was co-inventor of insulin a life-saving drug that diabetics the world over are grateful for. Osler, a doctor and professor of medicine is credited with being the “Father of Modern Medicine.” When a roofing system is need of a diagnosis in New Tecumseth, the roof doctors at AM Roofing Solutions are on call to provide a roof replacement in New Tecumseth.

When provide a roof replacement in New Tecumseth we use local people who are available for your roof replacement in New Tecumseth. Highly-skilled and knowledge, our workforce is the product of countless hours of training and certification in the roofing business and the breadth of our 50 year’s experience shows. We have worked on many different types of residential homes that date back to the early 20th century on through to the newly constructed homes of today with a commitment to excellence that was instilled by our founder. That commitment translates into a 10-year workmanship warranty any roof replacement in New Tecumseth that can’t be beaten.

A roof replacement in New Tecumseth will require a roofing contractor and location, location, location should be one of the primary factors to influence the decision for a roof replacement in New Tecumseth. Local roofing contractors do local work and have a local track record that will act as reference for a roof replacement in New Tecumseth. If something goes wrong after the fact, a local roofing contractor should be easier to locate than one from out of town.

A lot of roofing contractors are a top down organization, they perform the work they quote with a crew that have assembled, others are true contractors who will use a sub contracting crew for a roof replacement in New Tecumseth, it is an important detail that should be clarified before any work orders are signed.

We would all like to have extended warranties for all the products and services we purchase, in the case of roofing contractors, a limited warranty is provided on workmanship and materials the duration of the warranties are determined by the contractor and manufacturer.

The defining moment for a scrupulous roofing contractor comes when it is time to set the price for the roofing replacement in New Tecumseth. A written estimate is vehicle of choice for many roofing contractors; anything else leaves a consumer open for costs that weren’t discussed at the time deal originated.

There are many clues that your roof will provide when a roof replacement in New Tecumseth is necessary and the shingles are the easiest clues to ascertain. Shingles that are aged, or damaged pose a threat to the roofing system through water leakage that will wreak havoc with your roofing system and cause untold damage. Water stains that somehow appear inside or outside of your home are another clue that a roof replacement in New Tecumseth is warranted due to the damage that has occurred. It is important to make attic insulation a priority when you obtain a roof replacement in New Tecumseth due to the nature that attic insulation is used. Assuredly it is barrier to the cold, but more the point, it is a regulator of heat release to the underside of the roof and shingles. If too much heat released, the shingles will start to shrink, crack and curl due to sustained exposure to too much heat.

If you see any of these problems with your roofing system, call us for appointment to triage your roof system and our roof doctor will prescribe a cure; and our team of installers will provide the treatment for your roof replacement in New Tecumseth.

Our written estimate will contain a number of different options for your eventual roof replacement in New Tecumseth and our roof doctor will review them with you.

We have four different surfaces in many colours to choose from that range from shingles – asphalt, fiberglass, cedar and cedar shakes – to metal roofing system options that durable and economical.

If you have a roofing emergency call us today at AM Roofing Solutions at 1.877.289.6900 for a roof replacement in New Tecumseth that will protect the health of your home.

Roof Replacement in New Tecumseth

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