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Roof replacement in Keswick

Keswick sits on the banks of Cook’s Bay that is part of beautiful Lake Simcoe and was considered cottage country by southern Ontario residents up until the early 1980’s. A building boom engulfed the community as many people who were looking to escape the high price of real estate in Toronto migrated to the community.

New and old houses alike need a roof replacement in Keswick and when the time comes for the work, they can count on AM Roofing Ltd. to make the commute. Our installers are the best in the industry and we use materials that are second to none when we provide your roofing work.

When you need a roof replacement in Keswick the first place you should look for a contractor for a roof replacement in Keswick is in your own backyard. Contractors, who are situated locally, do work locally and have results to produce for their efforts. Take tour through the community and look at the work done and ask other customers for an opinion and a possible reference for the contractor you are reviewing. Nothing says quality work like word of mouth advertising for a roof replacement in Keswick.  

Holding the pace, your next stop on the road to a roof replacement in Keswick should be at the administration office. Here, you can validate a contractor’s license and insurance for a roof replacement in Keswick to know that you are in good hands.

A pit stop at the labour exchange will determine whose good hands will provide the work for a roof replacement in Keswick. Some contractors keep regular crews and some hire out independently for a roof replacement in Keswick, clearly define who will provide the work as it could be trouble later if a problems comes up with the work done at your home.

For a roof replacement in Keswick or anywhere for that matter, warranties are part of the equation. The roofing business is unique in the fact that two warranties are available for any roof replacement in Keswick. The first warranty is for workmanship that is the responsibility of the contractor and the second warranty comes from the supplier for the materials used for the work. They should hold five-year terms for both and that period is fairly commonplace in the industry.

The last off ramp for a roofing work is paved with a written estimate to regulate the work to be done. It will have all the governing details for the job and costs for activities and materials supplied by the contractor.

At AM Solutions, we have smoothed out the potholes that are part of the process for roofing work and over 60 years we have patched a lot of holes. Keeping the holes are filled by our family – we have had three generations lay shingles – and their efforts are backed by a 10-year workmanship warranty.

Checking for roofing problems doesn’t require a PhD, but it does require a keen eye and a little bit of knowledge to spot problems. Shingles are the most likely culprits to be damaged, and cracked or curled shingles are a prime indicator of trouble. Other areas that can be identified, as trouble spots are drainage pipes that are blocked and water stains on the side of the house or in the attic.

Making contact with our company gets a roofing inspector to your residence for a check of the roofing system and the attic to determine what the nature of the work will be.

Once the inspection is complete and an estimate is presented for the work, a look in the attic is a necessary element of a completed inspection. Most problems start in the attic because there is limited insulation present in your home. When heat is allowed to vent freely to the shingles it will destroy them in short order. Shingles are not made to withstand the intense glare of heat that leaks through the decking, and poor insulation is the cause of the heat leak.

Completing a successful roofing job means choosing from styles and colours for the shingles. We carry a number of different materials that range from composite, cedar (shingles/shakes), asphalt and metal sheets and shingles for your roof covering.

 For a free home inspection and estimate, call AM Roofing Solutions today at 1.877.281.6900.

Roof replacement in Keswick

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