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Roof replacement in Cookstown

When the residents need a roof replacement in Cookstown, they go with the only deal in town and that is with AM Roofing Solutions. We have outstanding personnel to provide a roof replacement in Cookstown and the materials are first-rate and have not been re-purposed for the job.  

To attract a qualified tradesman for a roof replacement in Cookstown, a business plan of sorts needs to be developed to find a qualified contractor for a roof replacement in Cookstown.

You may not find a contractor on the main drag during ‘The Wing Ding,’ but looking locally has its’ benefits. A local tradesman will have local work to his credit and those efforts can be inspected before you make a decision for a roof replacement Cookstown.

The vendors at the largest yard sale in Ontario need a license to conduct business and so should the contractor who will provide a roof replacement in Cookstown. Pursuant to a license, the tradesman should have ample insurance to cover any accidents on site, if they don’t they may not be a certified roofing company.

For a roof replacement in Cookstown, the need for a crew is ever present to complete the work. Some contractors will hire a subcontracting crew to provide a roof replacement in Cookstown and other contractors will have a crew standing by. Stay with the contractor with a standing crew, it eliminates any confusion that could arise before the start of a roof replacement in Cookstown.

When discussing materials for a roof replacement in Cookstown, check with the contractor for material warranties and labour warranties that can be provided by the contractor and supplier. Standard operating procedure for warranties starts at the five-year mark and can be extended for the right price.

To seal the deal for roofing work, the contractor should provide a written estimate after he has made his initial inspection to cement the costs and define the responsibilities surrounding the work.

After 60 years in the roofing business, we, here at AM Roofing Solutions have an excellent reputation as a company that stands behind its’ work and three generations of family help us stand tall. When we complete any work, we give the customer a 10-year workmanship warranty as our commitment to them through our work that we provide the best work available.

Detecting roofing problems can be a difficult task if you don’t have an idea what you are looking for, but some small and not so small clues will give all the information you need.

When you find shingles on the lawn, or see them flapping in the breeze it says all is not right on the roof. Leaks or water stains in the attic mean the shingle problems are getting out of control and downspouts that are gushing water mean that there is a problem too.

Contacting AM Roofing Solutions means a certified inspector will attend you house for an inspection of the roofing system and the attic to make determinations for your roofing needs that will be provided in a written estimate. Looking in the attic is paramount to help establish good roof health. The insulation in the attic is what protects the shingles from excess heat release and if there isn’t enough the heat will roast the shingles, rendering them useless.

To complete the roof replacement, we invite all our customers to choose from a myriad of styles and colours of materials to cover their roofs.’ The materials that are available consist of composite, asphalt, cedar (shingles/shakes) and metal roofing products for the finishing touch.

Call AM Roofing Solutions today for a free inspection, and no cost consultation, at 1.877.281.6900.

Roof replacement in Cookstown

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