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Roof Replacement in Bradford

The town of Bradford sits atop the ‘salad bowl’ of Ontario, known as the Holland Marsh. The Holland Marsh is famous for supplying a large share of Ontario’s vegetables and has been a food staple for the province for decades. The community also hosts a diverse economic base that has trade and commerce at the heart of the economic activity.

When the farmers or business people of the community need a roof replacement in Bradford, they call us at AM Roofing Solutions to make it happen. Our company uses the best materials and a highly competent workforce to provide a roof replacement in Bradford and our results are grade A.

To find a contractor for a roof replacement in Bradford, you might have to pull a few weeds to locate fertile ground to hire a contractor, but the work is worth it. Hiring the right contractor for a roof replacement in Bradford will lead to a ‘bountiful harvest’ and you should look in the Bradford-area to find the right man. Past performance is a great indicator of future efforts, and a review of local contractors will give you an idea of what type of work they will do when the ply a roof replacement in Bradford.

The next stop on the roof replacement in Bradford row to hoe is to investigate the credentials of the potential contractor. He should hold a business license and insurance for any roof replacement in Bradford that should provide on request and if not it could yield poor results for the roof replacement in Bradford.

With any harvest you need people to get the vegetables from the field to market and it takes a crew to pick the produce. Roofing requires a crew to support the activities of a roof replacement in Bradford and contractor uses one of two methods to get the roof nailed down. The first method is the use of a sub-contracting – farming work out to independent party; the second is the use of a crew assembled by the contractor. Stay with the crew that is employed by the contractor because it means the contractor is committed to his craft and he is a stable contractor.

Warranties for materials and labour are the life’s blood of the roofing industry and when you have a roof replacement in Bradford have the contractor spell out the warranties. The contractor is responsible for the work and the supplier is responsible for the materials, both should be at least five years long for your protection.

Finally, a contractor will provide a written estimate for the roofing work that will provide the security of cost certainty and define all the responsibilities associated with the work.

AT AM Roofing Solutions, we see to all the collateral details to provide excellent work and our 60 years experience in our business ensures it. To bring the harvest in, our family – three-generations worth – has been the labour in our roofing endeavours. And that labour is guaranteed with a 10-year warranty and it was a key detail that our founder insisted on when he started the company.

If your crops need water you can see it from a distance in the fields, when your roof needs work, you need to know what the problems are before you can create solutions. Shingles are the most obvious place to start, if they are cracked or missing it is a clear sign that something just isn’t right. If you see water stains in the attic or puddles at the base of the drainpipe it is another signal that trouble is brewing on the roof.

Calling us will have a certified roofing technician come to your residence to inspect your situation and provide a viable resolution that comes with a written estimate. He will examine all the routine trouble spots and then access the attic for an inspection of the insulation. Insulation is the primary driver of good roof health because it keeps the heat in the house and away from the shingles. Shingles will die a quick death when they have been subjected to intense heat from the home and it can lead to many other problems that could cripple a roofing system in its’ operations.

Roofing products have come a long way in the past 20 years with many different styles and colours debuting for a home’s décor. Style and materials development provide many choices from composite, asphalt, cedar (shakes/shingles) and metal coverings to top off the roofing work.

For a free consultation that comes with a free home inspection, call AM Roofing Solutions today at 1.877.281.6900.

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