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Roof Replacement in Aurora

The city of Aurora is one of the top 100 largest cities in Canada and it is perched just at the top of the Greater Toronto Area. The community was established in the mid-1800’s, when Governor Simcoe ordered a road be built through area to link up small communities to the mainstream. A short time later, the railroad roared through the community and it became an important industrial base for manufacturing to flourish. One of its first factories was a farm implement company that supplied equipment to the Holland Marsh farming community.  

Now the community maintains a diverse economy and is considered a bedroom community for commuters who travel to the Greater Toronto Area for work. When the go-getters of the community need a roof replacement Aurora they contact AM Roofing Solutions to complete the work.

Our reputation in the roofing business has been built through the use of experienced tradesmen and we don’t scrimp on materials to make a buck when we provide a roof replacement in Aurora.

Hitting the highway to find a contractor for a roof replacement in Aurora shouldn’t lead you to a far flung community along one of the thoroughfares in Ontario – it should lead to one place, and that is Aurora. Past efforts will show future results and you can peruse a local roof replacement in Aurora for quality and obtain a reference from a homeowner in Aurora.

Lining up contractors for a quote for a roof replacement in Aurora should lead to qualified professionals in the roofing industry for a roof replacement in Aurora. One way to distinguish between a professional and a seasonal operator is the credentials they carry. Professionals will have insurance and business license as a demonstration of their legitimacy to provide a roof replacement in Aurora, ask to see both is you have any level of concern about the contractor.

Many hands make for light work and in the roofing business it takes a few hands to apply a roof replacement in Aurora. Some contractors will bring in outsiders like sub-contractors to complete a roof replacement in Aurora and others will use a dedicated crew. Stick with the crew that is working under the contractor full-time as it affords a level of protection from ‘fly by night’ work for a roof replacement in Aurora.

The last pit stop on the road to successfully hiring a contractor is the written estimate to govern the details of the work. It provides cost containment and security for a homeowner that all that was discussed will manifest itself in the work on your roof. Don’t trust a contractor who will not provide an estimate up front because the costs could escalate without warning.

At AM Roofing Solution, we have over six decades getting to root of roofing problems and our family, for the past three generations, has been the energy to provide the work. We provide a 10-year labour guarantee for all the work we do and it has been that way since we founded the company.

To know what the problems on roof are, you need to be acquainted with what roof damage looks like. Obviously, shingle damage comes to the front of the line as it easy to spot missing or damaged shingles. Other signs, more subtle in nature can be detected if you have an idea what to look for. Exposed decking, water stains in the attic or leaky drainage pipes all are common problems that are easily recognizable when you know what to look for.

When you contact us for help with your roofing system, one of our inspectors will come to your home to investigate your roofing system and attic for problems. He will catalogue the deficiencies and proved an estimate for costs for the work. Once the outside inspection is complete, a look in the attic will reveal any other problems that may be present. The first thing he will look for is how well the attic insulation is holding up. Proper insulation protects the shingles from too much heat exposure through its’ ability to provide a layer or protection in the attic that keeps the heat in the home. If you have less than the necessary amount of insulation in the attic, the shingles will suffer and decay rapidly, bring the roofing system into harm’s way.

When you work with us, you can take advantage of wide range of colours and styles for roofing cover that comes in many new materials. Composite, asphalt, cedar (shingles/shakes) and metal sheets or shingles can be solutions based on a homeowner’s tastes.

Call AM Roofing Solutions today for a no-obligation visitation and free inspection at 1.877.281.6900.

Roof Replacement in Aurora

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