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Roof Repair in Wasaga Beach

Home repairs can serve as a major source of aggravation, whether it is the six months you spent renovating your kitchen or all the time, energy and inconvenience you endured when you had an addition put on your home, it all causes duress that is survivable. Because you aren’t spending time on your roof, you don’t really know when it is time for a roof repair in Wasaga Beach until something happens to alert you to a problem. Leaks, finding shingles on the lawn or in the driveway are dead giveaways a roof repair in Wasaga Beach is necessary and the only people to call is AM Roofing Solutions. We have 60 years in and we are still going strong serving the community with any high quality roof repair in Wasaga Beach that stands alone. All of installers have been hired from the local area and they have a great deal of experience with all roof repairs in Wasaga Beach that will last for years. With experience and industry certification in all the best practices for a roof repair in Wasaga Beach, we offer a 10-year workmanship warranty at no charge as a symbol of commitment to providing excellent work for a roof repair in Wasaga Beach.

Major roofing repairs can be prevented if a little time and effort is invested by a homeowner to detect early problems that can be nipped in the bud through a minor roof repair in Wasaga Beach

Nagging problems, easy roof repairs in Wasaga Beach

  • Shingles are made from either fiberglass or asphalt and while those compounds are a protective layer that covers our roof, they don’t last forever. Signs of age or decay can be seen in cracking, curling or lifting of shingles or worse completely missing shingles. Calling us for a small roof repair in Wasaga Beach is an inexpensive way to prolong the life of your roofing system and the small repair could add a decade or more to your roofing system. When we come to affect the small roof repair in Wasaga Beach will inspect your attic. Lack of insulation or none at all is a large hazard that can be avoided with proper insulation. The insulation in your attic acts as a barrier to excess heat escaping through the decking to the shingles and the heat speeds up shingle degradation. Adding a layer or two of insulation to improve the R-value of your attic will pays dividends in the long run in savings from heating and roof repair costs in Wasaga Beach.
  • The valleys on our roofing systems pose unique challenges that are serviced if the valleys are collecting water runoff from the shingles and sending it to the rain gutters and downspouts. Valleys are created when two or more sections of our homes are joined at the top. Seams are created where the water can flow freely to the drainage system and if it is not a roof repair in Wasaga Beach comes to the top of the list of home repairs. Water that is pooling on the roof in the valleys has to run somewhere and generally that is underneath the shingles to the decking where it will spread. If the underlay and the decking become compromised a larger roof repair in Wasaga Beach maybe more than you bargained for but necessary nonetheless.
  • The next component in drainage line is the rain gutters and downspouts. They carry the water from the roof to the ground and away from the foundation. If the gutters are experiencing blockage or there are leaks in the downspout system a small roof repair in Wasaga Beach to correct the problem will keep your basement dry and you fascia unblemished.
  • Skylights, vents and chimneys are nice accents on your roof but they present potential hazards to your roofing system. Skylights, vents and chimneys are sealed with caulking to the roof of your home to keep them watertight. Over time, the caulking can shrink or crack and that can cause unwanted water to enter your home. Re-caulking those items in a timely fashion will keep the integrity of your roofing system at an optimal level while providing a cost efficient solution to a minor problem.

Along the shores of Georgian Bay, a roof repair in Wasaga Beach is as easy as calling AM Roofing Solutions. We provide a no obligation consultation and free estimate for any roof repair in Wasaga Beach. Contact us today at 1.877.289.6900.

Roof Repair in Wasaga Beach

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