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Roof Repair in Tottenham

As a student or a working person, we all look forward to one thing, summer VACATION! It is a time for release and a time to unwind and if you are a student – the time off is cherished. When you enter the working world, one of the first things you miss is a two-month or in some cases, a four-month break from the rigors of school. Working for a living is where a vacation comes as a perk of employment when you start you are given time off based on tenure and generally the period is short but welcome. Families like to take advantage of time off to vacation together as a rite of family and it is an exercise that helps bring families closer together. Some families take vacations to resort hot spots in the winter, while others may travel to far-flung locales in search of a cultural experience that they aren’t getting at home. Others, on the other hand, will travel back to the country of their origin to visit relatives and friends that they haven’t had contact since they arrived in Canada. It costs money for a vacation and in some cases a fair chunk of money to enjoy the kind of vacation where you might be away for two to three weeks at a time. You can finance a vacation on borrowed money, or you can save for one with a budget, but other people have had the luxury of taking a vacation on the funds that they saved on household expenses.

A roof repair in Tottenham, if done when it is a small roof repair in Tottenham can save thousands of dollars that can be re-directed to other activities like a vacation. But, and isn’t there always a 'but,' you need to know what constitutes a roof repair in Tottenham and take the appropriate action when a roof repair in Tottenham is required. The first step to a successful roof repair in Tottenham is hiring someone who can perform the service and has the credentials that will make a roof repair in Tottenham a professional experience. We, at AM Roofing Solutions, are just the company for your roof repair in Tottenham. We have more than 60-years service in our trade, we have certified tradesmen with many years experience and our family rounds out the team for your roof repair in Tottenham. As a successful family business, our clan has been working with the company practically since our inception and for three generations they demonstrated the skills necessary for any roof repair in Tottenham. When the work is said and done, we will issue a written warranty for workmanship that will last for a 10-year time frame as a demonstration of sincerity.

Roof repair in Tottenham; get proactive

  • If you want to save money on roof repairs, you need to be able to get some skin in the game and that means making an effort and learning what causes the problems that roof repair will solve. We start our tour of roofing system at the shingles, they are spread across the entire roofing system for a reason. To cover the top of the house and in conjunction with that covering, they move water away from the house with the help of other systems. Because shingles meet the elements of weather head-on, they can break down under the intense abuse or age out of their lifespan and that is the time to get your roof repair. If the shingles have slight damage or wear, you can replace them with little concern for water leaks. If you haven’t kept up with problems that shingles are experiencing, water damage could follow and once inside the roofing system, water will create trouble in places that you don't think it could. Some of the clues or hints that shingles are labouring include, curled, cracked or missing shingles as common problems. Once you see those problems a contractor is a phone call away and a solution is guaranteed.
  • One of the systems that work with the shingles for water eviction from the roof is the valleys that are aligned in key areas on the roof. The water will be caught in the valleys and sent to the rain gutters and to the downspouts. The valleys can be impacted by other problems that will cause them to become flat. That happens if water damage has made its way to the joists and rafters – once it has the supports can sag or twist and that affects the roof’s ability to move water. When the valleys have been affected it means a roof repair that could consist of a complete roof replacement.
  • Water at the rain gutters is a good thing; it should tell you that the shingles and valleys are working well together. For the gutters to meet the obligation they were designed for they must move water along the channels to the downspout intersection. The buildup is the scourge of the rain gutters because the channels will fill with water preventing them from transporting water and if it happens spillage over the sides is the likely result. Garbage or debris will ruin the rain gutter channels – holes cracks or the sheer weight of the debris is a cause for concern – water will flow wherever it can and breaks in the channels lead to water release in areas that weren’t earmarked to receive it.
  • The last stop of the roof inspection tour should be at the chimney and skylights should you have one on the roof. Leaks can happen in the most unlikely places and the seals are ripe for water entry. The sealant used for your chimney or skylight is caulking and it is great sealant but can break down when exposed to the weather for prolonged periods of time. Gaps and cracks can be the places that water will enter – it is not so bad for the skylight because you will take action as soon as you see water on the floor. As for the chimney, you may never know until it comes time for a large repair or worse, the removal the chimney because the damage is overwhelming.

Tottenham is a bedroom community, just north of the Greater Toronto Area, and residents live there for the quality of life that it offers families. When they need advice for a roof repair they don’t hesitate to make contact with us at AM Roofing Solutions for the information they need. For a no-cost meeting, a free roof inspection and free estimate, call us at AM Roofing Solutions today at 1.877.281.6900.

Roof Repair in Tottenham

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