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Roof Repair in Stroud

For months now you and the wife have been discussing the family vacation for this year. You have set a budget based on a couple of different scenarios and you confident you can get the money together and have the family vacation that makes memories for many years. In the past, you have gone camping, taken a winter vacation to someplace hot and now you want to change gears a little bit and try something new. As a parent, you want your kids to exposed to many things that aren’t prevalent in your community to help teach them understanding and tolerance for other cultures and points of view so this trip is going to be part education and part fun. But, there is a blip on the vacation radar screen and it couldn’t have come at a worse time, seems some unexpected expenses have come to the fore and you need every dollar available to deal with the trouble you have encountered that makes a roof repair in Stroud an absolute necessity.

You notice some problems on the roof and the first act you engaged in was to call a contractor to get immediate help for your roof repair in Stroud. You didn’t hesitate when the time came to call our office at AM Roofing Solutions for the roof repair in Stroud. You had a reference for our company on good authority – from a family member that had a roof repair in Stroud provided by our company – and you sat on pins and needles waiting for the verdict for your roof repair in Stroud. Once the information came back, you exhaled a sigh of relief because you had been keeping a watchful eye on the roof and caught the roof repair in Stroud early and it was a cause to celebrate because the costs were much smaller than had been planned for. The wife and kids are overjoyed because the vacation is back on and the money you had saved for the big roof repair in Stroud will sit in the bank until the wife finds out how much is there and then a new kitchen is assured. At AM Roofing Solutions, we make short work of roofing repairs and our legacy in our business is 60-plus years strong that provides us with a great deal of skill and ability to provide a roof repair in Stroud. Our choice of tradesmen is our greatest asset, we hire the best, credentialed roofers in the area and that compromises the results we get on the roof. Since our inception, our family has taken a keen interest in the business and they have worked in different capacities for the last three generations filling in wherever needed. The last thing that happens when we take on a roof repair in Stroud is a written warranty for our workmanship and that time frame is for 10-years.

Roof repair in Stroud; meeting obligations  

  • It is incumbent on any homeowner to provide repairs when required, some stick out like a sore thumb and cry out for attention, but your roofing system generally doesn’t. You have to take a look at the condition of the various systems that help drain water to get an idea when help is needed. A roofing system revolves around the shingles, if they are up to the job, all is well topside and you can rest easy. If not, you have problems and a shingle repair might just save you in the end. Shingles wear out or can be damaged in the event of heavy weather, that is why a cursory glance of the shingles will help a homeowner know when it is time to contact a contractor. If you see that the shingles have become split or cracked or have curling corners you know you are on the path to a roof repair and the sooner the better. Water will get in those areas that are exposed and it is the worst of possible things to happen. Water travels and will damage everything in its path – if water has had multiple entries into the roofing system, big expenses are on the way to a repair.
  • Another area that can cause concern for a homeowner is how well the valleys are working getting water to the rain gutters and to the ground from there. The valleys collect water that rain brings and sends it the rain gutters, the valleys need a slight angle to get the water moving otherwise it will sit in one spot. If the valleys have become flat – then water pool looking for a place to go. The flatness of the valleys related back to water, it has entered the system and infected the supports of the roof and in turn, they have warped. If you can see water stains or feel dampness or moistness in the joists, you should know that you fell down on your responsibilities and will pay for – in cash.
  • As we mentioned the rain gutters have the job of getting the water to the downspouts that will lead the water to the ground – there work is fairly simple, but can be complicated by outside interference. The leaves we rake in the fall are the biggest problem a rain gutters system will face and the branches can cause problems too if they break off and hit the gutters. Leaves act as a barrier to water drainage because they will build up in the channels and cause water to spill over the channel’s sides and to the ground. There is no point having a downspout system if you aren’t going to keep your gutter clear – because it will never be used.
  • Getting to the root of roofing problems is a chore and you need to know that the attachments on your roof pose a risk of water damage that you may have never considered. Skylights and chimneys have to be inserted into the roof’s structure and then sealed watertight to prevent leaks. Caulking is all that stands in the way of a flood in your home – if it fails water cascades in the skylight or the chimney and it will take a contractor and possibly an engineer to straighten out the situation.

Stroud is located just south of Barrie and is a bedroom community for people who work in Barrie and the Greater Toronto Area. When the community needs some good advice for a roof repair they make contact with us at AM Roofing Solutions. For a free estimate, no-cost meeting and free roof inspection, call us today at AM Roofing Solutions at 1.877.281.6900

Roof Repair in Stroud

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