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Roof Repair in Stayner, Clearview

We like to keep everything we hold dear in pristine condition to preserve our assets and grow potential equity in our investments. Our investments for the future have our undivided attention like RRSPs, RESPs for our children and our nest egg, our family home. We put money into our home to maintain it and improve upon the existing structure to get our home to the point where it is livable. When your maintenance schedule requires a roof repair in Stayner, your friends at AM Roofing Solutions are ready, willing and able to provide any roof repair in Stayner with a high degree of expertise. Our history at AM Roofing Solutions stretches back 60 years and we owe our longevity to a couple of factors. The first, is all of our installers come from the local area and the second is that all of our team members have years of experience in roof repair in Stayner and have they industry certification on the most update roofing methods to provide a roof repair in Stayner. All of our roof repairs in Stayner come with a 10-year workmanship warranty that is a standard benefit Am Roofing Solutions provides for all our roof repairs.

Identifying roof repairs is an easy task when you know what to look for.

Common problems, simple solutions

  • Inspecting your roofing system the first thing that comes to your eye is the condition of your shingles. If you notice that the shingles are cracked, curling or missing a roof repair in Stayner to make the cosmetic roof repairs is an easy solution that will take a little time effort and money, but in the long run it prevent water damage to the entire roofing system by maintaining a watertight seal. After we provide your roof repair in Stayner to address the condition of your shingles, we will enter the attic to examine the condition of your insulation. Proper R-value insulation in your attic is a necessity most homeowners aren’t aware of. What insulation does is two-fold, first it provides energy efficiency and the second it acts as a heat guard for the shingles on the roof. If there is inadequate insulation or non-existent insulation the shingles could be exposed to excess heat and that in turn ages the shingles prematurely, that could lead to a larger roof repair in Stayner if not dealt with a sense of urgency.
  • The valleys of a roofing system play an important role in moving water from the top of the roofing system to the drainage system and when it isn’t functioning a roof repair in Stayner will correct the problem. Valleys are created when two sections of our home are joined at the top and a ‘collector lane’ is created to move the water from one area to another. If the valley isn’t moving water or some of the water is escaping under the shingles a quick roof repair in Stayner is the answer to the question of enhanced water movement.
  • Rain gutters and downspouts work with the valley collector system to take the excess water from the roofing system away from the building structure to the ground away from the foundation. It is important to have both piece of the drainage system free of debris and leaks to work effectively. If they aren’t, a roof repair in Stayner to replace the gutters or patch holes in the downspouts is a solution will that preserve the life of the roofing system as a whole.
  • Many roofing systems have skylights, chimneys and vents attached to the outer shell and they can be an unrealized hazard. The vents, skylights and chimneys are sealed with caulking and it is prone to deterioration due to exposure. When cracks in the caulking develop or shrinkage occurs it creates seams for water to penetrate into and in the long-term it can cause mold and wood rot to inside structure of the roofing system.

When the community of “Beautiful Landscapes” and “Friendly People” need a roof repair in Stayner they contact their friends and neighbours at AM Roofing Solutions for all the help they need. For a no obligation consultation and free estimate contact us today at 1.877.289.6900.

Roof Repair in Stayner, Clearview


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