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Roof Repair in Shelburne

In our world, things are built to break, if they don’t need to be repaired or replaced it stops production and puts people out of work. We have seen many automobile manufacturers forced to recall certain makes and models of trucks and cars because a design flaw has proven to be dangerous or has affected the automobile’s ability to run at 100 per cent. Ralph Nader made a career out of exposing design flaws in the auto industry and for people of a certain vintage; the Corvair was a car that Nader had taken off the road because it was unsafe. Nowadays, we have sensor lights to alert us to trouble, but in many cases, the light has just shorted out and needs to be replaced – but it took a costly service call to determine that problem and the mechanic can only shrug because this is manufacturer’s defect. But case and point, you needed a repair and paid through the nose for it. Home repairs can be a trap that you can’t escape from; if you don’t keep a wary eye on the systems that run your home they will become costly when a repair needs to be done.

A roof repair in Shelburne doesn’t have to be costly if you are on ball. If you are the type that lets things slide or waits to maximum value from a previous investment in a roof repair in Shelburne you are likely to pay a pretty penny for a new roof repair in Shelburne. Part of knowing ourselves is knowing what we can’t do and a roof repair in Shelburne should sit on the side of the leger that will see a professional provide a roof repair in Shelburne. Without the skills, abilities, and knowledge necessary for a roof repair in Shelburne, you shouldn’t engage in a DIY project. In the end, a jerry-rigged solution is no solution at all and a professional will eventually have to be brought in to correct the faulty roof repair in Shelburne you tried and failed at. Contractor selection isn’t survival of the fittest, it is all about finding someone who you can trust and are comfortable with and at AM Roofing Solutions we all that and more. As a company with more than 60-years service, we are looked at as a trusted expert in our field, we use top-flight journeymen roofers, and our family is the backbone of the whole operation. For three generation our family has met and overcome any obstacles that were thrown in their way and their experience is what drives our quality workmanship. Once the team completes your roof repair in Shelburne they will present a labour warranty that will last for 10-years to cover anything that may happen in the future.

Roof repair in Shelburne; what you should know and why

  • Knowledge is power, but information is the key to making quality decisions that affect our lives. When we research why we need a roof repair in Shelburne, a picture should be worth a thousand words. Picture this: Two shingles sitting side by side, one heavily damaged, the other brand new. The brand new shingles will keep the roof dry and the elements out; the damaged shingle will do no such thing. Damages shingles are the first entry point for water to get into a roofing system and it is the cause of other problems down the line. Remember the picture of the side-by-side shingles next time you look at you roofing system – if you see anything less than a perfect shingle call a contractor to get the help you need for this repair.
  • If you have shingle damage, now that water is on the roof and causing all kinds of trouble and worst of all possible worlds can visit you for a roof repair. The valleys work because the roof supports are aligned and at a slight angle. If water has gotten in through broken shingles the rafters and joists will take the hit. If they do, they will sag, bow, or twist throwing the alignment of the roofing system out. It will be flat spots that come to your attention because you will see water sitting after a rainstorm and it will either evaporate or leak in the roof. If the supports are gone or in bad shape, a complete restoration is in the cards and so is a large investment in your home.
  • Valleys are working well, the shingles are in good shape, the rain gutters, on the other hand, are clogged and water is spilling over the sides. You have puddles and leaks in the basement because you didn’t clear out the channels of the rain gutters last fall and are paying the price for it now. The clogs you neglected have damaged the channels and pulled the gutters away from the fascia – a repair of not so significant a cost, but one that could have been avoided with a little sweat equity. Water can't be released away from the house if the gutters don’t work because the water they are supposed to send to the downspouts is now sitting below your kitchen window and in a short time you just might be mopping it up off the floor in the basement.
  • Speaking of mopping up, when your skylight leaks, you will have the mop and pail out if the leak is a large one. If not a cloth will suffice. But do you really want to have to collect water every time it rains because the caulking has or is failing around the circumference of the skylight and letting water into the gaps, somehow I don’t think so. If a chimney is present on the roof, you need to look at the caulking that has sealed it to the roof – if the caulking is in need of a replacement for the skylight it makes good sense to do the chimney at the same time. If you neglect the chimney it could be a while before a problem arises and then it’s too late. The brickwork should be checked too when replacing caulking as the slits between bricks is a gap that water will exploit if given the chance to.

Shelburne is the site of the annual Canadian Fiddling Championship that is held every August as part of the Governor Simcoe weekend festivities. When local residents need help with their roof, they don’t fiddle around they contact us at AM Roofing Solutions. For a no-cost meeting, a free roof inspection and a free estimate call us at AM Roofing Solutions today at 1.877.281.6900.   

Roof Repair in Shelburne

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