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Roof Repair in Schomberg

Things have a way of catching up with us, the small engine repair we needed for a snow blower or a lawn mower wasn’t done and now the engine is seized and we have no other way out of the problem except to replace the necessary outdoor implement that we use with regularity. We didn’t heed the calls for a repair because we thought we could somehow soldier on with the machine that was suffering from neglect, but in the end, we took a couple of hundreds of dollars in repairs and tuned it into a couple thousand of dollars on an investment we didn’t need to make. This happens more than you would think, people, own things, but they aren’t quite sure how to maintain them and in the end, it bites them on the ankle. Stands to reason, if you are treating your home power tools that way, you are probably doing the same for home repairs that need to be made. Problem with a home repair is the cost and how it can escalate if not taken care of at the first sign of trouble.

A roof repair in Schomberg can be a significant expense if left to fester, many systems work in tandem to keep your home warm and dry and when call for attention that roof repair in Schomberg is, don’t ignore the call. Problems that cause a roof repair in Schomberg start off small like the problem with your snow blower and or lawn mower. You might see loose shingles or have water in places you have never seen it before and that is the time for a roof repair in Schomberg. Once the problem or problem have been identified, get a contractor to find out what the causes are for the roof repair in Schomberg and you will be in good shape. One company that should vault to the top of the consideration list for a roof repair in Schomberg is or company, AM Roofing Solutions. Our company has been a trailblazer in the roofing industry for over 60-years, and our tradesmen hold credentials to provide a roof repair in Schomberg that will stand up to anything that the weather can throw at it. 

As a family-owned and operated business, we receive a great contribution from family members who have entered the roofing trade – and for three generations they have been carrying the family banner. After the roof repair in Schomberg is done and clean has been finished, our site foreman will have a 10-year labour warranty ready for a homeowner and we pioneered the warranty time frame as a commitment for our expertise in our business.

Roof repair in Schomberg; answer the call

  • A roof repair in Schomberg won't grab you by the lapels and scream in your face to get with it, no a roof repair is a lot more subtle than that. Slow degradation is the way a roof will fall apart, and because it happens in slow motion, you may miss the clues. It starts with what you see the most of on the roof and that is the shingles that cover the building. They can become damaged and still look OK because there are so many of them on the roof. But, shingles that have been damaged will appear with cracks, have curled edges or corners or not in place altogether. If you can catch the problems early on, the solutions are simple and inexpensive, if you have neglected your roof the solutions become more complicated and expensive.
  • A big part of what a roof does is move water when it rains or snow melts – if it doesn’t it, water will move in a path that is unencumbered and f you have shingle trouble the water will be right in the house. Why? The valleys that are built-in to the roofing system aren’t doing their job and that is to move water from high points on the roof to the rain gutters across the shingles. Valleys must have a slight angle provided by the slope of the roof – when the slope loses its angle, the water that you need to go to the rain gutters won’t move and leak into the house. Chances are good you have had previous water leaks if the valleys are failing because the supports are sagging or have twisted due to water saturation. If you have this problem it could cause your home to be retrofitted with an entire new roofing system because you can’t trust the trusses and rafters to support the roof.
  • Once the water arrives at the roof’s edge it will slide into the rain gutters for release on the ground and it should run away from the house. A few things can affect the rain gutters and generally, the problems aren’t of the gutters making. They can be infested with debris from the wind – blockage or clogs ensue and then water is stopped from draining. If you have enough water build up it will spill over the sides of the channels and down the house or directly to the ground. Another problem with gutters that are filled with junk is the weight of the junk and the water and how it affects the gutters hold to the fascia. Too much weight will force the gutters to move away from the fascia and then another water drainage problem is yours to solve.
  • The last common place you can expect trouble on the roof is at the skylights and chimney on your roof. Both attachments have to be sealed with caulking when they are installed through an insertion process on the roof. The caulking will last for a number of years but needs to be monitored regularly because you can’t anticipate a heavy weather event and that can be the event that splits the caulking. On the other hand, old age can be the death knell for the caulking and once it ages out of its usefulness it is open source for water infiltration.

Residents of Schomberg are blessed with a great deal of green space, the village sits at the north end of the Oak Ridges Moraine and there are plenty of trails and conservation areas to explore and enjoy. A roof repair can happen at any time and the residents know we are always ready to help when they contact us for help. For free roof inspection, free estimate and no-obligation meeting, call us today at AM Roofing Solutions at 1.877.281.6900.

Roof Repair in Schomberg

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